I Cannot Stop Changing by Robert Ricciardelli

I can’t stop changing all the time. I travel by foot and it’s a slow climb toward God's best for my life. I remain at peace with not being comfortable at where I am at because I know there is so much more within me. Omnipotence is within me, giving me the constant and eternal potential for becoming so much more. And yet I rest in my advancing pursuit of the Perfect One, while becoming fully fused into His perfection for me. I continue to step up to the things that are out there on the boundaries … [Read more...]

Change Begins With Understanding by Robert Ricciardelli

If we want to bring influence and create an opportunity for change, we must begin with understanding. Seeking to understand opens the door for change, and it is the demanding to be understood that can slam that door shut. Understanding is the seed for acceptance, and love has no power to influence or change without acceptance. So the desire to love must be we want to love something, we must begin with acceptance. Many try and change things outside the realm of love and yet it is the power of … [Read more...]

We Do Not Need to Change For God’s Love by Robert Ricciardelli

Most of us were taught that God would love us if and when we change. The truth is, God loves us, so now we can change. It is experiencing the love and grace of God that empowers change, as it is His transformational gift for humanity. We have received the wrong message of having to be good and moral for God to love us. This is a lie that needs to die, never to return. When you fall into God’s loving and merciful hands, you find a miraculous capacity to change. We become amazed by His love and k … [Read more...]

Rules Will Never Change Us by Robert Ricciardelli

Morality issues accompanied by anger and judgment will never produce change in our communities. What produces change is aligning our lives with God and the mystical way that He transforms us from the inside. When we miss the supernatural presence of God we resort to morality as a cheap substitute. Christ is most concerned about hearts absorbed in power, prestige, and possessions. Rules won't change us, and we miss godly justice, mercy, and love when we worry more about what people do in bed more … [Read more...]

Repent Swiftly and Renew Daily by Robert Ricciardelli

We are called to repent swiftly and renew our minds daily. To repent means to turn around and go in a different and more righteous direction. It takes a renewed mind to make the choice to turn and to sustain the choice to move in the better direction for life. But how many times do we have to turn around and start again? How many times must we change? It seems that the whole journey is about constantly letting go and developing an ongoing willingness to turn around yet one more time, and move … [Read more...]

Rightfully Responding to Change by Robert Ricciardelli

Change is inevitable, and it is happening all the time. Seasons change, people change, and the world around you will never stand still. How we view changes and how we respond to changes can impact our lives and the lives of others significantly. Those who look back, or become disillusioned with their present may miss looking ahead for their next opportunity. Change brings us the possibility for growth and propels us on to the next season of life. Trust God and embrace changes with hope filled … [Read more...]