Nothing is Impossible to Achieve by Robert Ricciardelli

"We must do the right things in order to accomplish the great things. While we engage in our present labor, we must also dream and have vision for tomorrow. While our vision matures within us, we can begin to strategize and plan for our future. Faith is the power and fuel that carries us through the successes and adversities of today and every tomorrow. By believing in who we are, what we do, and in knowing we have godly vision and guidance, nothing is impossible for us to achieve."While doing … [Read more...]

Seeing the Opportunity of Challenge by Robert Ricciardelli

"Challenges give us the opportunity to reveal ourselves to ourselves. In the midst of struggle, is it fear or faith that is winning the battle for our soul? Are we trusting in man's limited ability, or are we trusting in limitless power of God within us? How we react during a challenge or crisis reveals much, teaches us much, and most importantly, realigns and expands our world-view. Renew your mind, see with the eyes of God, let fear subside, for your life is in the hands of Almighty … [Read more...]

Total Commitment For Breakthrough by Robert Ricciardelli

"How committed are you to your vision and your work? Total commitment means total immersion in what you do and never quitting or moving on when you face a tough challenge or lengthy plateau. Champions prepare themselves while anticipating future challenges and plateaus. They are resourceful in finding ways to breakthrough and soar to a new level. You are a blessed champion for God and His Kingdom, and the fully committed of God have every resource within them to overcome all obstacles."Are you … [Read more...]

Optimize Your Communication Skills by Robert Ricciardelli

Learn and grow in relational skills with Coach Robert Ricciardelli!Learn how to communicate and influence better as a spouse, parent, friend, or mentor!Start a new full or part time career as a Transformational Coach!Become a certified Life Breakthrough Coach™ (As low as $699) MORE INFOWHAT IS INCLUDED IN OUR LIFE BREAKHROUGH COACH TRAINING?10 Weeks of Live Teleseminar or Webinar Training with a Seasoned Coach Access to Extremely Helpful Videos, Audios, Worksheets, and A … [Read more...]

Face Your Fears For Freedom by Robert Ricciardelli

Do not be afraid to face your fears, for every time you do, you gain in courage, strength and confidence. FEAR is the acronym for "False Evidence Appearing Real,"a vapor in our minds that becomes a powerless memory through the reality of being a favored child of God. We are created to shine the power and glory of God within us that empowers us toward liberty from all fear. As we become fearless, our faith filled presence leads others from fear and into the promised land called "Freedom."Have … [Read more...]

Constant Learning and Unlearning Toward Success by Robert Ricciardelli

"In a constantly changing world, you cannot move toward a successful future while being stuck in what you presently think you may know. Your knowledge may serve you today but there is need for a constant learning to prepare you for tomorrow. Your greatest pursuits in life should be the pursuit of learning how to learn, and secondly to have Wisdom to unlearn false paradigms, and conditioned mindsets that have deflected absolute truth. Understanding your present is foundational to a bright … [Read more...]

Love: The beginning, The End, The Greatest! by Robert Ricciardelli

"All of creation was birthed by Love and sustained by Love for all eternity. Love emanates through the lives of those who have embraced the Truth, Life, and Love that first captured their hearts. Mercy and Truth never forsakes them and paves the way for the flow of God's abundant light and love. Faith, hope, and love prevail, and yet the greatest of these remains to be LOVE! Be first to Love, love lavishly, love always, and release the majesty of heaven through your life."Do you feel loved … [Read more...]

Wide-eyed Anticipation of Revealed Truth by Robert Ricciardelli

"Searching for truth is not comfortable while leading us to great comfort. We must not fear truth or deluded authorities that stand in the way of it. Like a child we must remain wide-eyed, curious, and always anticipating its arrival. The treasure of Truth stands alone, does not need approval, and will prevail no matter how man times ignorance tries to derail it. Facts can obscure the truth. Facts can reveal a challenging world while truth presents a God who takes you through every … [Read more...]

Defining Moments That Shape Us by Robert Ricciardelli

"There are significant defining moments in every persons life. Within those moments, the very best within you comes powerfully upon the scene. You are prepared through the journey of experience and challenge to qualify you for your greatest victories. The pressure and stress of defining moments facilitate growth and accomplishments that would never have happened under normal circumstances. It becomes evident that you were created for that rare opportunity and ready to seize the moment."Can you … [Read more...]

Mike Bickle Shares Perpectives on Manifestations

Mike Bickle gives perspective on the manifestations of the Spirit at IHOP-KC.. Great Perspectives... … [Read more...]