The “Courageous” Resolution by Robert Ricciardelli

I really enjoyed the movie "Courageous." It is probably one of the best Christian films I have seen in recent years, from the story through to the great casting and directing. It is meant for Christ followers or those open to faith in Christ. This resolution I have modified for men and women. There are many homes that are led by single parent women. This is a resolution for all parents. My kids are older, but I am still resolved to be the best father and grandfather I can be. For those unmarried … [Read more...]

Heaven’s Agenda by Calvin Tibbs

When Christ’s agenda takes center stage in our hearts, we will take off the robes we’ve dawned, put down the gavel in our hand, find a chair without a bench and start loving each other.  The world’s operating system loves a spectacle, and routinely excludes God’s view in their reporting. They opt instead for the ever-increasing Tell-Us-What-You-Think questions. Frankly, outside of the mind of Christ, our thinking is sadly lacking. The high court of our personal opinion flows all too freely and th … [Read more...]