Walking Right Past Fear Confidently by Robert Ricciardelli

You always have a choice on how you respond to fear. You can cave into it, struggle with it, accept it, reject it, or work around it. You always have a choice, a choice you can make consistently, or a choice that changes based on what you sense may be best for you in the moment. Fear can become habitual and it brings the fantasy of what might happen into our current reality. Unsupported fear is much like a hot air balloon. Once we grab hold of it, we are flung all over the place, terrified, out … [Read more...]

Confidence in God for Every Season by Robert Ricciardelli

Many people begin a new season with resolutions that end up making them feel failure and guilt because of unfulfilled promises and commitments. It is always best to set up resolutions as goals and actions rather than promises. More importantly, it is where we place our confidence that matters most. True success does not come from our own strength, ability, or effort. By allowing God to work through our lives, we set ourselves up for accomplishing more than we had planned. God gives you … [Read more...]