You are Launching Your Eternal Journey by Robert Ricciardelli

The Way, the Truth, the Life in Christ is not a place of landing, but a place of launching. It is a journey of knowing, and the Way of knowing has no ending as it is a constant flow of life and of being the life. Being in Christ along the Way does not end in death as death is just a departure from one dimension of life and into another. God knew about you before you were even shaped in the womb. Before you saw the light of day God had arranged for you to be a part of him, His light and love to … [Read more...]

T.D. Jakes on Living with Purpose with Oprah Winfree

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Do Not Wait to Begin by Robert Ricciardelli

Do not wait to begin. For too long we have been waiting for others to begin or our fears to subside, and yet we have all we need in our God. The time of waiting is past! The hour of God in your life and through your life is now. It is time for us to arise and build what God has placed upon our hearts. The enemies that have held us back, the voices, the fear, all of it will bow to the God of heaven as He fights for us. Will we dare to trust our God? The battle is already won, and all that is left … [Read more...]

Making Choices From Your Real Identity by Graham Cooke

Knowing who you want to be is an identity issue. Knowing what you want to do is concerned with destiny. Both are two sides of the same coin. They cannot be separated.Both require choices to be made that are premeditated and predetermined. Choices are the root of power and that level of ascendancy is never, ever spontaneous. You cannot drift to the top of a mountain. Pipe dreams are not for players but for the spectators in life. Real dreaming produces purposeful living in the present and … [Read more...]

Live For Today With No Worries For Tomorrow by Robert Ricciardelli

The more we focus on our past or future the less we focus on our life today. God desires for us to live in authentically for every moment in life. The past does not define who we are, God defines who we are, and who we are becoming. What we do or become in the future is the convergence God within, and our willingness to engage with His presence each day toward our destiny. We do not need to hold on to the past or be concerned about our future, nor should we worry about today. We must however … [Read more...]

Top 10 Things Guaranteed to Kill Your Destiny by Os Hillman

Top 10 Things Guaranteed to Kill Your Destiny (and how to avoid them)Os Hillman 1. Failing to Understand Your PurposeFor we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10).If you are going to discover how God wants to use your life and work, you must know why you were created. If you start trying to determine your purpose in life before understanding why you were created, you wi … [Read more...]

Desire Leads You to Your Best Life by Robert Ricciardelli

There is a desire within each of us to search for the life we were created to live. It seems hidden from us for most of our lives, and at times we may even abandon the search only to pursue our hearts desire once more. Our true identity, our reason for being, is to be found in this desire. God orchestrates all things in life to bring you to destiny filled revelational moments. They may not be eventful, as they come in mysterious ways, simple moments of love, joy, and rest, that make your heart … [Read more...]

It is Time to Launch Out Into the Deep by Robert Ricciardelli

The deep is where you'll find the greatest of treasures. You won't find them near the shore in shallow waters, but must launch out into the deep, away from the comfort of the shoreline. God wants you to break away from your comfort zone and step out in faith in what He has put in your heart to do. It may be something simple, or something in which you have had vision for but have never done. God has heavenly treasures for you to discover as you launch out from Contentment Coast, and launch into … [Read more...]

Safety Dance With God by Robert Ricciardelli

The Spirit leads us into divine cooperation with what God is presently doing and what He plans to do. When we align ourselves with the presence of God, He fills us with unexplainable hope, and reveals a life that is much larger than our own. We can look back realizing that God has been with us all along and was engaged with us in every moment. As we live, move, and have our being to the rhythm of His love, He synchronizes our existence with Him and steps with us in a grace filled dance toward … [Read more...]

Experiencing God is Necessary for Wholeness by Robert Ricciardelli

Experiencing God is necessary for mental and emotional health. You cannot become whole until you connect with the Center of your very existence, God. Trying to make Self the center will never work in the long run, as a part can never pretend to be the Whole. God wants to set us free from false centers and false identities. Your absolute identity or True Self can never be found outside of God. To know God is to finally know True Self as a son or daughter of the Living God. He becomes your Epic … [Read more...]