The Violent Danger of Ego by Robert Ricciardelli

The only thing more dangerous than an individual ego is a group ego. Group egos can think of themselves superior, hate those inferior to themselves, and instigate violence and war. Christ never opposed groups who did things differently in His name, and He rebuked his own team when they wanted to call down fire from heaven to burn them up. The Kingdom is not meant for exclusion of others, but the loving inclusion of all. Forgiveness opens the door for inclusivity and love to those who are … [Read more...]

Living What We Preach by Robert Ricciardelli

Fusion with God and His ways is radical because it confronts our being, the very place where illusion and ego are generated. It touches the unconscious where most of our wounds and needs for healing lie. As we allow our minds and hearts to be healed and renewed it is likely to produce next generation Christ-like leaders. It will have little to do with being ordained, or being charismatically powerful or popular. We need teachers, but we mainly need teachers who are first of all living examples … [Read more...]

Exposing Yourself to Spirit and Truth by Robert Ricciardelli

Spiritual self reflection is disruptive because it comes against our natural inclination for independence and self-centeredness. We gravitate toward ego, even more so with age, if something doesn’t expose it for the lie that it is. Ego is a negative force when it is all there is or all that matters. People really do not change too much themselves. God changes you, when you expose yourself to Spirit and Truth. Transformation remains difficult because too many people do not want their ego and s … [Read more...]