Living For Something Rather than Against by Robert Ricciardelli

We live in a world of shifting foundations, where our worldview seems to be redefined every few months, and it can leave us anxious. Yet, we must lead others toward hope filled faith. When we do not live in the peace and expectation of God, we tend to expend our energy negatively by being against things rather than for the things we do believe in as foundational for life. We must not fall into the trap of an energy draining focus on what we are against rather than the life giving energy that … [Read more...]

Don’t Limit God With Little Prayers by Lee Grady

When I stepped into 2012, God challenged me to pray big—and to expect the unexpected.Right before Christmas my wife and I took our youngest daughter out to dinner to celebrate her grades from her third semester in college. When we got home I sent out a tweet about the dinner, and mentioned the name of the restaurant. (Hint: It’s a popular national chain that serves Italian food—and it has the best bread sticks in the world.)I didn’t think anything about the tweet. I was just sharing per … [Read more...]

Rightfully Responding to Change by Robert Ricciardelli

Change is inevitable, and it is happening all the time. Seasons change, people change, and the world around you will never stand still. How we view changes and how we respond to changes can impact our lives and the lives of others significantly. Those who look back, or become disillusioned with their present may miss looking ahead for their next opportunity. Change brings us the possibility for growth and propels us on to the next season of life. Trust God and embrace changes with hope filled … [Read more...]