Walking in Favor by Alan Smith

Ps 44:3They did not conquer by their own strength and skill, but by your mighty power and because you smiled upon them and favored them. (TLB)Can we really have the favor of God upon our lives? Can we walk in divine favor from heaven? I believe we can. King David was just a man, a man like you and me. Some days he seemed to be a saint and other days a sinner. Have you ever felt like this? David had times of despair and times of victory. As David walked in the path of God his strength … [Read more...]

Reconnecting With Your Center by Robert Ricciardelli

Talking to God and quieting ourselves enough to hear from God has the power to bring transformational wisdom, maturity, and favor. It does not require formal education, or a hierarchy of decision makers, does not need preachers, and does not need membership requirements that include and exclude. Engaging with God is about you and God first, and then being led in how we may engage with others. Deep prayer on the inside heals the outside and the in-between simply by reconnecting everything at its … [Read more...]