Summits, Self-Denial, Discipleship by Richard Dahlstrom

 Summits, Self-Denial, Discipleship – a symboiotic trinityOne climbs, one sees.  One descends, one sees no longer.  But one has seen.  There is an art of conducting oneself in the lower regions by the memory of what one saw higher up – Rene DumalI’m on the plane, having left a week of wonderful teaching and fellowship in Southern California as I return, refreshed and sun drenched, to the wonderful work I’ve the privilege of doing in Seattle.  The work, as most of you know, is the wo … [Read more...]

I AM a God of Fullness, Not Measure by Tricia Exman

We have SO many ways that we "measure", but God only has one.  Under the Old Covenant, God's Law talks about using honest scales and measures.  In the New Covenant, we are told that we will be measured by the same measure that we use.What does all that mean?I remember about 2 ½ years ago, the Lord really started talking to me about all of this.  He began to show me all the external things I had used as a measure of my value and worth before I surrendered my life to Him.  He talked to me a … [Read more...]

Colossians: An Antidote to Cynicism and Despair by Richard Dahlstrom

I’ve been living in the book of Colossians a fair bit recently, diving in some mornings after coffee with God, and at other odd times during the week.  Over and over again, I’ve found myself saying, ‘this is the truth that we need right now – at this anxious, polarized time in history, when it appears that so much all around us is either collapsing (think Egypt, Syria, Greece, the Eurozone), or built on untruths (think every campaign ad about to baptize your sensibilities).From the moment we … [Read more...]

Creating God in Our Own Image by Robert Ricciardelli

God created us in His image, and we have returned the favor by creating Him in our own image. God designed us to live in His image and ways, while humanistic religion presents a God who is an advocate for their need for power, dominance, and control. Before ego has a chance to start another war, end another relationship, or abuse the defenseless, we must be reminded that the one true God is a God of love, life, and liberty for all. He is the God that advocates, "If you seek to be great, become a … [Read more...]

Stop Leveraging Your Past Experiences by Robert Ricciardelli

One of the greatest keys for personal transformation is for us to stop leveraging our past experiences, our past affiliations to various groups, and to simply start over at the beginning, with God alone as our treasure. What really matters most in our lives? What we are doing now will always be superior to what we ever did, or what we might want to do in the future. Most importantly, it is not about what we are doing, it is about who we are, who is our beloved, and who are we beloved by. You are … [Read more...]

Belief and Doubt Cannot Coexist in Empowerment by Robert Ricciardelli

Out of the thousands of thoughts that cross your mind each day, you make the choice as to what thoughts you choose to harbor. It is God within you that empowers you to renew your mind daily and conform your thoughts to be aligned with His divine mind. Thoughts lead to action, and thoughts can empower you or disable you from activities of providence and design. Pray or worry, but do not do both as fear will try to subdue your faith filled thoughts and prayers. Believe or doubt, but they cannot … [Read more...]

Designed as Builders by Dudley Hall

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalms 127:1a (ESV)God is a builder. We are created in his image and thus are builders by design. Everyone is building a house with the materials he or she has been given. The house is relational rather than physical. It is made up of "children" as descendants. Of course this means more than biological children. It includes all those who are in our sphere of influence and who look to us for some measure of input. … [Read more...]

Focus on the Dysfunctional Family by Richard Dahlstrom

I love my friend, Larry Shallenberger’s paragraph in this post, about the danger of “Christian Church Culture”.  He likens God’s transforming process to that of amechanic restoring an old motorcycle, believing that the old rusted bike has its best years ahead of it.  We religious people, meanwhile, tend to handle each other like airport luggage handlers. This leads to the false belief that its better to lower our heads and fit in.Lower our heads and fit in. Covertly demand that, as a precon … [Read more...]

Focus On the Light by Rick Joyner

We know from Scripture that with unity there is a multiplication of spiritual authority. There is the Biblical testimony that one can put a thousand to flight, but two can put ten thousand to flight. The Lord also taught that if any two could agree, then it would be done for them. Of course, this agreement is more than just an intellectual assent to a matter; rather it implies an actual and deep union between the two. This takes an investment in both the matter that we are uniting about and the … [Read more...]

It is Love that Restores the Soul by Robert Ricciardelli

Christianity got prostituted when people were told that they had to save their own souls. Saving ones soul as defined by men and their systems is completely different than falling in love with God. The systems may give you 10 or 613 steps to holiness, but outside of love, they all become impossible and unprofitable. Because people were told to save their souls, many became steeped in fruitless traditions and works that affirmed a false self. Unhealthy conservatism is incapable of true freedom … [Read more...]