The Fusion of God and Man As One by Robert Ricciardelli

Occupy your mind with this convergent thought, that you are in absolute oneness with God in life, and you are never separate from the glory of the Divine within. The secret of your life is your oneness with Christ in God. You are increasingly the divine manifestation of God, the light of God on earth. You have full access to the spiritual capital of the Kingdom of God. Let the Kingdom life, the Kingdom love, the Kingdom power, and the Kingdom Spirit possess you, and you will march as more than a … [Read more...]

Transformational Fusion in the Marketplace by Robert Ricciardelli

Below is a Show on God.TV it is 40 minutes long and presents the 7 Transitional Changes of the Kingdom of God, one of my talks from the KIngdom Economic Yearly Summit. The Kingdom of God disrupts the plans of Men and propels the plans of God on earth. Enjoy and click the picture below for the video..  … [Read more...]

A Brand-less Move of God by Robert Ricciardelli

I want to be part of a radical move of God and His agape love, and call it "nothing," because once we have given a name to "Our" movement, we have just become exclusive. Exclusivity fueled by pride from those who have separated themselves from the nonconformists to their movement is often the very reason for their decline. From a God who Himself is Love, inclusivity of His love is the only answer for humanity. Jesus said, "You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all … [Read more...]

Unity Sees Brilliance in Diversity by Robert Ricciardelli

Look at creation and contemplate the glory of God and His message of unity in becoming one with Him as well as each other. For too long, we have been divided through the wrongful focus of our differences rather than coming together in the brilliance of our diversity. Supernatural fusion cannot be willed into being through the intentions and declarations of man. Divine unity can only be created through the presence and power of God within those who have surrendered their hearts to God. In Him we … [Read more...]

Living What We Preach by Robert Ricciardelli

Fusion with God and His ways is radical because it confronts our being, the very place where illusion and ego are generated. It touches the unconscious where most of our wounds and needs for healing lie. As we allow our minds and hearts to be healed and renewed it is likely to produce next generation Christ-like leaders. It will have little to do with being ordained, or being charismatically powerful or popular. We need teachers, but we mainly need teachers who are first of all living examples … [Read more...]