Instead of New Goals for a New Year…Try this by Richard Dahlstrom

Goal Setting can steal peace from your soulI like goals that are measurable and have lots of them:  Ski 100k vertical feet in January (now objectively measurable courtesy of a nifty phone app), trim 15 seconds off jogging “per mile” time by the end of February, eat 5 servings of veggies per day (by far the hardest), be consistent in my reading, praying, journaling, blog at least once a week, finish book proposal.I’m close to throwing all these in the trash though, because I keep adding … [Read more...]

Fully Present in Your Present by Robert Ricciardelli

Always pay attention to the present moment. There is no more important time in your life than living in your present moment, for it is your Presence filled "NOW." Why resist what is happening today? And how productive would it be to turn our focus to the past or future and miss what God is doing right now? The past is the history of life, and the future is speculation, but real LIFE is happening at this very moment. Say “yes” to your life today, say "yes" to the season you are in while knowing th … [Read more...]

Rightfully Responding to Change by Robert Ricciardelli

Change is inevitable, and it is happening all the time. Seasons change, people change, and the world around you will never stand still. How we view changes and how we respond to changes can impact our lives and the lives of others significantly. Those who look back, or become disillusioned with their present may miss looking ahead for their next opportunity. Change brings us the possibility for growth and propels us on to the next season of life. Trust God and embrace changes with hope filled … [Read more...]