God Transforms Wounds Into Life by Robert Ricciardelli

Give God your weakness, brokenness, and failures, and He will make a life out of it. The promises of God and His divine patterns for transformation are hope for humanity. God sees our wounds, and He sees them not as blemishes but as virtues He uses to mold us into His image. If we understand the mind of God and His eternal purposes, we might eventually thank God for our very weaknesses and failures. We all have wounds, and it is from the place of our greatest suffering that we can see the … [Read more...]

Performing Through Our Rest in God by Robert Ricciardelli

God wants us to surrender our lives and enter a place of rest in Him. A place where the need to perform or achieve becomes unnecessary. Where we can stop all the overproduction and trying to prove ourselves because our value is not based on performance. We live in a culture of unrest and belief systems that say we cannot be loved or valued without performing admirably. We must not achieve for love, because the cycle never ends and we are left feeling that we could have done better. Rest in God, … [Read more...]

The Treasure Within You by Robert Ricciardelli

Christ Himself, the Kingdom of God, is the treasure within us. We carry the power of heaven within and have full access to the power of God for victory over all adversity. Do not be frustrated with the natural life when the supernatural is available for you. Don’t condemn yourself for being human or try to “cast out” your humanness. The more you see that treasure in you, the more Christ’s brilliance shines forth in you. And in the midst of your humanity, God gets the glory as you yourself are tra … [Read more...]