Unconditional Love: A Love that Conquers All by Patrick Carden

People have a hard enough time figuring out what love is, and then there’s unconditional love, which some will argue is the only kind of real love.According to Merriam-Webster, “unconditional”means not conditional or limited: absolute, unqualified.  So it stands to reason that unconditional love means a love that is not conditional, not limited; a love that is absolute and unqualified.  Love cannot be love without being unconditional.Love isn’t just a feeling, it is an action.  A feeling … [Read more...]

We Do Not Need to Change For God’s Love by Robert Ricciardelli

Most of us were taught that God would love us if and when we change. The truth is, God loves us, so now we can change. It is experiencing the love and grace of God that empowers change, as it is His transformational gift for humanity. We have received the wrong message of having to be good and moral for God to love us. This is a lie that needs to die, never to return. When you fall into God’s loving and merciful hands, you find a miraculous capacity to change. We become amazed by His love and k … [Read more...]

The Identity of Love to Overcome by Robert Ricciardelli

Receiving God's love and trusting His love is all we really need to overcome our limitations or anything else we feel is holding us back. The love of God and the identity He gives to us as His children gives us a sense of possibility within, that it is going to be okay, and that we really can do amazing things in Him. Being faithful to His love becomes real success, and spiritually authentic self becomes the vehicle God uses to build His Kingdom. You are God's living epistle and thankfulness is … [Read more...]

Don’t Limit God With Little Prayers by Lee Grady

When I stepped into 2012, God challenged me to pray big—and to expect the unexpected.Right before Christmas my wife and I took our youngest daughter out to dinner to celebrate her grades from her third semester in college. When we got home I sent out a tweet about the dinner, and mentioned the name of the restaurant. (Hint: It’s a popular national chain that serves Italian food—and it has the best bread sticks in the world.)I didn’t think anything about the tweet. I was just sharing per … [Read more...]

God’s Love is the Power to Change by Robert Ricciardelli

You cannot be healed from the things you do not acknowledge, and what you do not consciously acknowledge will remain in control of you from within, festering and destroying you and those around you. When we are able to admit our pain or wrongdoings to ourselves and others it can enrich and change our lives, and healing can come to all those involved. When we encounter God's love, freedom, peace, and joy come upon us. God does not love us if we change, but through His amazing grace, God loves us … [Read more...]