Three Faiths, One God: Judaism, Christianity, Islam – PBS special

This is a preview of the full feature either on video or PBS broadcast and is well worth watching. The parallels, the conversations, and a real opportunity for peace can happen when those of other faiths choose to love and honor the Creator, the God of Abraham, and seek goodwill for all of His creation.Click here for video … [Read more...]

Heaven’s Agenda by Calvin Tibbs

When Christ’s agenda takes center stage in our hearts, we will take off the robes we’ve dawned, put down the gavel in our hand, find a chair without a bench and start loving each other.  The world’s operating system loves a spectacle, and routinely excludes God’s view in their reporting. They opt instead for the ever-increasing Tell-Us-What-You-Think questions. Frankly, outside of the mind of Christ, our thinking is sadly lacking. The high court of our personal opinion flows all too freely and th … [Read more...]