Christmas Season Faith For Miracles by Robert Ricciardelli

Christmas will always have many more advocates than detractors. Yes it is busy, yes there may be times of wrongful focus, and yes there will be those who question the origin of the day. The key for how we will engage with this season and on this day comes down to perspective. Christmas for many is an encounter, a great encounter, and the historical reminder of God's most significant encounter with mankind. God brought Himself to the world to show us His love and to show us the way back to … [Read more...]

Success is Not a Straight Road by Robert Ricciardelli

The road to success is not straight. There is a curb called Failure that you run over from time to time, and a loop called Confusion that you have to navigate through. There are speed bumps called Friends, red lights called Enemies, and caution lights called Family that may complicate your journey. You will have flats called jobs that can be blowout to your passion and a fog to your vision. But, if you pull out your spare called Determination and are powered by an engine called Perseverance, you … [Read more...]

The Mobile Life of a Traveling Soul by James Ryle

“The highway of the upright turns aside from evil; whoever guards his way preserves his life.” (Proverbs 16:17, English Standard Version).For the past few days we have discovered and discussed what it means to experience God’s Presence, and how God has provided us with practical ways to do so. Here is an illustration I think will be helpful to you as you move forward.Recall the many times you have driven along the highway. You travel at varying speeds, moving in and out of traffic, chan … [Read more...]

Focus on Jesus, not on Following the Rules by Jay Becker

The Christian life is supposed to be full of freedom and abundance, especially being full with the abundance of God's love.  Yet, so many of us fall into ruts and get caught up in a day to day existence that is full of stress, pressure, and hard work.  When we first found Jesus, there was an experience of joy and new found freedom, especially the overwhelming blessing of being fully forgiven and accepted.  We became new people in Christ, and there was a brand new start - it was a new life and new … [Read more...]

Beliefs Determine Behavior by James Ryle

“Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts” (Proverbs 4:23 GNB).Solomon’s proverbial insight are as relevant today as ever before. “Be careful how you think,” he tells us, “your life is shaped by your thoughts.” In the New Testament we are told by the apostle Paul that our lives are transformed by the “renewing of our minds”(Romans 12:2).In other words, beliefs determine behavior.We are living in historic times – times that require deep conviction and decisive cou … [Read more...]

Wanted: Energy Gainers For Life by Robert Ricciardelli

Don't you love being with people who give out energy and life rather than drain it from you? You can feel life coming from those who love, are creative, take initiative, and really engage with the world around them. Jesus was this way and people sought Him out and so do we seek to be around others who are wise, whole, and full of life. Their spiritual authority is compelling and yet they do not need a title or role, it just is. These people are far from perfect but submit to the "Perfect One," … [Read more...]

Embracing Loss – The Paradoxical Road to Joy by Richard Dahlstrom

"Tears in the night, joy in the morning, and saying yes to both."In the marvelous little book “I Quit”, Geri Scazzero writes, “once you end the pretense of superficiality and ‘niceness’ that characterizes so much of the Christian culture today, you will experience liberation, freedom, and a genuine body life that is truly a taste of the kingdom of heaven”.The single little paragraph explodes with important truths for me and, I hope, for you too:1. Superficiality and Pretense are woven … [Read more...]

When the Bottom Drops Out by James Ryle

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3).A leak in the roof can be fixed easily enough, as can a broken window or a busted pipe. But when the foundation is compromised in any significant way – then all bets are off. Everything now stands in jeopardy – because it stands upon a crumbling base.That’s the point of the story Jesus tells about the foolish man who built his house upon the sand. All was well until the storm hit. And as the rain came down and the … [Read more...]

I Cannot Stop Changing by Robert Ricciardelli

I can’t stop changing all the time. I travel by foot and it’s a slow climb toward God's best for my life. I remain at peace with not being comfortable at where I am at because I know there is so much more within me. Omnipotence is within me, giving me the constant and eternal potential for becoming so much more. And yet I rest in my advancing pursuit of the Perfect One, while becoming fully fused into His perfection for me. I continue to step up to the things that are out there on the boundaries … [Read more...]

The Only Essence for Life by Robert Ricciardelli

We often exist on the peripherals of life, the circumference of real truth and life. We become confused as to what the essence of God and freedom really are, and end up holding on to the superficial and claiming it as substance. The absolutes and the true Center seems to be crumbling as reality in our lives. We live on the the fleshly edges for so long that it starts feeling like the only life available, never able to touch the depths of our soul and spirit. We have so many opportunities and … [Read more...]