Control and Manipulation Hinders Love by Robert Ricciardelli

Love can come when control and manipulation stops. When you care more about the other people's needs than about their reactions in serving your needs. When you dare to reveal yourself fully and become vulnerable in your service to others, you make room for Love to come. People are often so ready to yield to the desires of the moment that they will follow a leader, and unfortunately sometimes, any one who leads. Blessed are those who lead as a servant of Love, and blessed are those who discern … [Read more...]

Authentic Leaders Arise While the Haughty Are Humbled by Robert Ricciardelli

"Leaders who have a tough time being humble, vulnerable, and authentic, typically lead through insecurities that have been with them since childhood. They were never esteemed, passed over often, and sometimes disregarded altogether. When significance or power in leadership is given to them, they will protect it through control and manipulation. Authentic leadership will arise while the haughty will continue to be humbled."Do you lead in ways that protect, or in ways that are vulnerable?How … [Read more...]