It is Love that Restores the Soul by Robert Ricciardelli

Christianity got prostituted when people were told that they had to save their own souls. Saving ones soul as defined by men and their systems is completely different than falling in love with God. The systems may give you 10 or 613 steps to holiness, but outside of love, they all become impossible and unprofitable. Because people were told to save their souls, many became steeped in fruitless traditions and works that affirmed a false self. Unhealthy conservatism is incapable of true freedom … [Read more...]

We are Created to Live in Joy and Peace by Robert Ricciardelli

We have been created for contentment, peace, and joy in whatever condition of life we are experiencing. This can only happen supernaturally through faith in a God who is always with us and who will never leave us. Faith in a God who gives us the ability to accept the things we cannot change, and a God who gives us strength, wisdom, and courage to change the things we can. There are things in life we will never change and we certainly cannot change people. We can however change ourselves through … [Read more...]

Planning Your Life With God by Robert Ricciardelli

An opportunity for foolishness happens when trying to plan your life without God. God is notorious for upsetting the plans of mankind that are not His plans. Many are the plans of men, and yet it is His plans and designs for us that prevail. Do not plan without God, He will take you around the mountain, or down to the valley in life as often as necessary to make Himself known, and to show you the pathways to His pleasure. God seems to have a delightful way to unsettle us before He resettles us. … [Read more...]

Manifest Life Through Truthful Thoughts by Robert Ricciardelli

We condemn ourselves so often and come against God's desire to lift us up as His beloved children. Whatever we think about ourselves within our hearts, we begin to manifest the becoming of those thoughts in our life. The more we see ourselves as sinners, the more we will be prone to sin. The more we see ourselves as ambassadors of love and of righteousness through Christ, the more we begin to live in the nature of God. Thoughts and perceptions do matter. The more we see ourselves as part of the … [Read more...]

Christ the Message, Christ the Way by Robert Ricciardelli

God brought the message through Christ that living as God intended could only be found through His ways, His truth, His life, and His agape love. Therefore, He holds the keys and the promises for life itself. This is not a preferential truth, or a denominational or cultural lifestyle, this is a life in God that is both now and eternal. He holds it all together in significance while revealing His redemptive and restorative plan for each of us, and it is He alone that holds the meaning and value … [Read more...]

Live For Today With No Worries For Tomorrow by Robert Ricciardelli

The more we focus on our past or future the less we focus on our life today. God desires for us to live in authentically for every moment in life. The past does not define who we are, God defines who we are, and who we are becoming. What we do or become in the future is the convergence God within, and our willingness to engage with His presence each day toward our destiny. We do not need to hold on to the past or be concerned about our future, nor should we worry about today. We must however … [Read more...]

The Power of Starting by Robert Ricciardelli

There are great ideas and intentions that stay in the mind and never make it to reality. They just never get started. Today is the day you could pick up the phone and forgive that person who, you know in your heart, needs to be forgiven. Today is the day you could start that business or get in better health. Today is the day you could reflect with God on what's not working in your life. Today is the day for relating with your God and listening for His intentions for you. Make this the day to … [Read more...]

Whitney Houston’s Tragic Death – “A Tribute” by Robert Ricciardelli & Kim Clement

I grew up in the Whitney Houston Era. I loved her music, I loved her faith, and I believe she is one of the most talented voices that most people will ever hear on this planet called Earth. But she is gone now. I know there will be all kinds of talk, religious or otherwise on her life especially the negatives, but you know something, through it all, God never stopped loving her. I saw a recent video of her praying over and prophesying over Pastor Kim Burrell. There is no doubt in my mind that … [Read more...]

God Transforms Wounds Into Life by Robert Ricciardelli

Give God your weakness, brokenness, and failures, and He will make a life out of it. The promises of God and His divine patterns for transformation are hope for humanity. God sees our wounds, and He sees them not as blemishes but as virtues He uses to mold us into His image. If we understand the mind of God and His eternal purposes, we might eventually thank God for our very weaknesses and failures. We all have wounds, and it is from the place of our greatest suffering that we can see the … [Read more...]

An Intentional Life With No Regrets by Robert Ricciardelli

The top regrets of those who are on their deathbed; "I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me; I wish I hadn’t worked so hard; I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings; I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends; I wish that I had let myself be happier." While we remain in the land of the living, let's live an extraordinary life in God and with others. It is time to overcome, live your best life now, and leave this world one day in pe … [Read more...]