Abiding Is Your Greatest Defense by Robert Ricciardelli

Abiding is a most valuable and needed principle for life. It is resting in the fullness of God and His provision for us. All temptation and unexpected crisis are intent upon moving us from our position of abiding in Christ. Abiding is the best defense against the movement up or down the slippery slopes of pride, rage, and despair. Agape is God's movement through us that is all at once risky, spontaneous, and unpredictable. While abiding in the unshakable Kingdom of God, fruits of the Spirit … [Read more...]

Safety Dance With God by Robert Ricciardelli

The Spirit leads us into divine cooperation with what God is presently doing and what He plans to do. When we align ourselves with the presence of God, He fills us with unexplainable hope, and reveals a life that is much larger than our own. We can look back realizing that God has been with us all along and was engaged with us in every moment. As we live, move, and have our being to the rhythm of His love, He synchronizes our existence with Him and steps with us in a grace filled dance toward … [Read more...]

Experiencing God is Necessary for Wholeness by Robert Ricciardelli

Experiencing God is necessary for mental and emotional health. You cannot become whole until you connect with the Center of your very existence, God. Trying to make Self the center will never work in the long run, as a part can never pretend to be the Whole. God wants to set us free from false centers and false identities. Your absolute identity or True Self can never be found outside of God. To know God is to finally know True Self as a son or daughter of the Living God. He becomes your Epic … [Read more...]

You Cannot Be Prepared to Die Without Truly Living by Robert Ricciardelli

We were created for life and will never be prepared to die until we have truly lived. People who experience life fully are the ones most able to die with the same passion in with which they have lived. Those who fear death the most are those who have not yet begun to live. Those who live in the realm of faith, hope, and love, live for eternity now. Today is another good day to live in the conscious presence of God, and in the reality of life in the Spirit. The haunts of anxiety and fear … [Read more...]

Giving God Something to Work With by Robert Ricciardelli

God has always asked people throughout history to give what little they had to Him. God’s way is to use whatever we have, and multiply it back to us once we put it in His hands. Whenever we give what little we have to God, whether it is money, time or talent, it opens up our hearts so that God can fill us up with more. And when we give our lives to God, we can trust Him to make things right for us and for us to be a blessing to others. As you give God something to work with, He will abundantly p … [Read more...]

Spirit of Love, Power, and a Sound Mind by Robert Ricciardelli

So many people today are living with less than God’s best because they’ve allowed fear to take root in their lives. Fear brings torment, can paralyze us, and keep us from our upward calling. God has not given us a spirit of fear but He has given us a Spirit of love, power, and a sound mind. God's power in you is greater than any power that comes against you. You can make the choice today to close the door on fear, and meditate on the promises of God. Listen for the Voice of Truth that overcomes f … [Read more...]

The Power of Treating Others Well by Robert Ricciardelli

The way you treat others has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your prayers, and the prayers of those who live righteously are powerful. When we aren't treating others with love, honor, and kindness, then we aren't allowing His righteousness to operate through us. We will realize a major power shortage in prayer and in life when we do not treat others well. We should seek wisdom and understanding in considering the needs of others. Forgive others, treat them kindly, and the power of God … [Read more...]

The Unshakeable Kingdom by Francis Frangipane

As the year 2011 comes to a close, it is hard to be unaffected by the massive earthquakes that occurred these past years. Remember, it was just 2004 when the great South Asian Tsunami roared along the Indian ocean, suddenly rising and striking the coastlines of nine nations. Over 250,000 people died and millions more were left grieving and homeless. Scientists tell us that this great disaster not only changed the landscape of Asia, it actually caused the planet to wobble on its axis.But the … [Read more...]

Your Greatest Hiding Place by Robert Ricciardelli

Have you ever felt like hiding under a rock, or just getting away from it all? Sometimes we need a place of safety, a place of rest when we feel overwhelmed by the circumstances of life. God has the perfect hiding place for you, where the enemies of your soul can never find you. You no longer have to hide in your work, relationships, or addictions, for God has given you the perfect hiding place, Himself. He is your Rock of Refuge, and you can call upon His name at anytime as He is always with … [Read more...]

Hope for Despairing Christians by Tony Campolo

Hope for Despairing Christians In A World That is Getting Worse and Worse by Tony CampoloBy Tony CampoloFor many Evangelical Christians, the normative attitude is to view world history with despair. Most have been led to believe that forces of darkness are increasingly raising havoc in the world as we move toward the end of history. Many have grown up believing that evil will become more and more pronounced in the last days, and the demonic forces of darkness more and more evident in … [Read more...]