Illuminating from the Darkness by Robert Ricciardelli

Suffering can bring  us closer to God as He becomes our refuge and our pathway to wholeness. We are captured by God's amazing love, and compelled to embrace the offering of our God who reveals to us our true identity and purpose in Him. As we surrender to God in Christ, we become immersed in divine fusion, a oneness with God, and a shared victorious life in Him. He takes us on the road to De-Mask-us from our false identity, and a death to the temporal things. The death of our deceptive identity … [Read more...]

Your Words Can Change Your Attitude by Robert Ricciardelli

We can change our attitude by changing our vocabulary. It can make the difference from being a victim in what we do to becoming empowered in all we do. When we say we "have" to do something, we are saying that we are enslaved to that thing. When we "get" to do something, it becomes a privilege, a gift, and a real opportunity. Become aware of the words you are using. Start using "get to" rather than "have to," and you will begin to shift your attitude toward gratitude for another day of living, … [Read more...]