Sex, Marriage, & Fairytales by Jefferson Bethke

Jeff is a friend, I am thankful for the voice God is giving him for this generation. … [Read more...]

The #1 Reason Why Christian Marriages Fail by Lee Grady

The Bible tells men to treat their wives as equals. But in a machismo culture, this is easier said than done.Whenever I travel to Latin America I usually carry a pair of handcuffs in my suitcase. I use them as a visual aid when I’m preaching about the machismo attitude that is so prevalent in that region. I remind everyone in the audience that esposa, the word for wife in Spanish, is the same word used for handcuffs.Esposas. Why would the word for wife be the same word for a form of bon … [Read more...]

Why Many Mid-Life Marriages End in Divorce by Joseph Mattera

As we approach Valentine’s Day many are thinking about relationships, marriage and romance.  Although we all know the divorce rate is over 50% in the USA, I have observed that many divorces occur with couples who have been married well over 20 years and are each over 45 years of age. This has astonished me.I used to think that if a couple got through the first few years of marriage (when they are young and restless) that they had gone through the hardest years, and that the older they got th … [Read more...]