No More Time For Religious Foolishness by Robert Ricciardelli

It seems to me that only a minority actually live out the message that they hear or preach. We keep worshiping God while arguing and dividing over the right way to do it. Jesus did not ask us to worship Him, He asked us to follow Him, which is an obedient life, and the most powerful way to worship Him. Our clever religion often keeps us from His preferred way of love and life. We can be angry, greedy, selfish, and vain while we are practicing and professing our faith. The world is suffering and … [Read more...]

“Love Must Exceed Your Message” by Alan Smith

Esther 5:6-7: During the wine course the king said to Esther, "Now tell me what you really want, and I will give it to you, even if it is half of the kingdom!" Esther replied, "My request, my deepest wish, is that if Your Majesty loves me and wants to grant my request, that you come again with Haman tomorrow to the banquet I shall prepare for you. And tomorrow I will explain what this is all about."Do you remember the story in the Bible about Esther? This is such an incredible story about … [Read more...]