The Fusion of God and Man As One by Robert Ricciardelli

Occupy your mind with this convergent thought, that you are in absolute oneness with God in life, and you are never separate from the glory of the Divine within. The secret of your life is your oneness with Christ in God. You are increasingly the divine manifestation of God, the light of God on earth. You have full access to the spiritual capital of the Kingdom of God. Let the Kingdom life, the Kingdom love, the Kingdom power, and the Kingdom Spirit possess you, and you will march as more than a … [Read more...]

Warriors of God Arise! by Robert Ricciardelli

The warrior of God has self-confidence beyond that of the average man. The self-confidence is in their identity as a Son of God and in their revelation of oneness with God. It becomes more than just a self-confidence, but truly is a God-confidence fusion of the now, and of all things eternal. The warrior of God is confident in the "all things are possible" with God, but humble enough to know that without God, there is no power, there is no life. The world seeks certainty in the eyes of men, the … [Read more...]

A Brand-less Move of God by Robert Ricciardelli

I want to be part of a radical move of God and His agape love, and call it "nothing," because once we have given a name to "Our" movement, we have just become exclusive. Exclusivity fueled by pride from those who have separated themselves from the nonconformists to their movement is often the very reason for their decline. From a God who Himself is Love, inclusivity of His love is the only answer for humanity. Jesus said, "You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all … [Read more...]