You Represent the Greatest Gift by Robert Ricciardelli

Paul was not one of the 12 Apostles, never knew Jesus in the flesh, and yet many would say he has had more influence than all the other Apostles put together. This must remain an encouragement to all of us, Christ's Body, for though we have not seen Jesus in the flesh, we carry the supernatural power of the Living God within us. Paul decided that whatever this message is, it is much bigger than religion. The power of this message of love supersedes all religious activities and joins us together … [Read more...]

Rules Will Never Change Us by Robert Ricciardelli

Morality issues accompanied by anger and judgment will never produce change in our communities. What produces change is aligning our lives with God and the mystical way that He transforms us from the inside. When we miss the supernatural presence of God we resort to morality as a cheap substitute. Christ is most concerned about hearts absorbed in power, prestige, and possessions. Rules won't change us, and we miss godly justice, mercy, and love when we worry more about what people do in bed more … [Read more...]

Reconnecting With Your Center by Robert Ricciardelli

Talking to God and quieting ourselves enough to hear from God has the power to bring transformational wisdom, maturity, and favor. It does not require formal education, or a hierarchy of decision makers, does not need preachers, and does not need membership requirements that include and exclude. Engaging with God is about you and God first, and then being led in how we may engage with others. Deep prayer on the inside heals the outside and the in-between simply by reconnecting everything at its … [Read more...]

The Royal, Ruling Power of God by James Ryle

“For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost” (Romans 14:17).When jewelers want to show the exquisite beauty of a diamond, they always set it upon black velvet under bright lights. That way, the only thing that can capture and refract the light will be the jewel, making it appear in its fullest luster. I will attempt to do a similar thing right now as it pertains to the Kingdom of God. I want to illustrate it by way of c … [Read more...]

God’s Love is the Power to Change by Robert Ricciardelli

You cannot be healed from the things you do not acknowledge, and what you do not consciously acknowledge will remain in control of you from within, festering and destroying you and those around you. When we are able to admit our pain or wrongdoings to ourselves and others it can enrich and change our lives, and healing can come to all those involved. When we encounter God's love, freedom, peace, and joy come upon us. God does not love us if we change, but through His amazing grace, God loves us … [Read more...]