God is Always in the Here and Now by Robert Ricciardelli

The willingness and ability to live fully in the present moment eludes many people. Don’t let your precious and present moments in life get used up by thoughts that aren’t about the here and the now. You have a past but the past is not now. You have a future, but it has not made itself available for you today. Thoughts of "then" and "maybe" will never allow you to experience the peace of God in this very moment. Living and having your being in God can only happen by being consciously present of H … [Read more...]

Safety Dance With God by Robert Ricciardelli

The Spirit leads us into divine cooperation with what God is presently doing and what He plans to do. When we align ourselves with the presence of God, He fills us with unexplainable hope, and reveals a life that is much larger than our own. We can look back realizing that God has been with us all along and was engaged with us in every moment. As we live, move, and have our being to the rhythm of His love, He synchronizes our existence with Him and steps with us in a grace filled dance toward … [Read more...]