Conversational Leadership in Today’s World by John Chasteen

All leaders have to develop their communication skills to be effective leadersDoes it seem like this generation is becoming relationally dysfunctional, or is it just my thinking?  Not long ago in a private discussion with another professor at the university I was introduced to an alarming trend that seems to be affecting the younger generation. My finding was that sociologists are beginning to discover that the upcoming generation is severely lacking in what you and I would call common re … [Read more...]

The Agape Agenda by David VanCronkhite

Love has never been a mass movement. Never.So be wary of those who say they represent the Kingdom of God but do not carry God’s DNA, which is always about love. Always!No matter what you call yourself -- an Ambassador of the Kingdom of God, a Parish Priest, a Kingdom Carrier, or whatever the trendy term is for the year or decade, your credential for that position will always be that you have been impregnated by the Seed of God and carry His DNA.Don’t get caught up in causes and opi … [Read more...]