Are You a Safe Place for Others? by Robert Ricciardelli

People are looking for a safe place in a world of dangerous relationships. Are you a place of safety for others? Will you love them regardless of what they believe? Will you stand with them always? Agenda-less love is what people are looking for. I choose to be a safe place for my friends and family, and I hope real friends will do the same for me and for others. This will not happen organizationally and can only happen through the transformational seed of God's agape love within. Be a safe … [Read more...]

Victory Through Synergistic Collaboration by Robert Ricciardelli

You can create great victories through harmonious collaboration with others. This becomes a multiplying effect on everything you do, because it releases and mobilizes not only your own abilities but those of everyone on the team. If you trust the people you are working with, you will honor them while creating a safe environment. And all of you will be more likely to create synergistic relationships that realize amazing discoveries. True progress in life is a relay race and not a single event. If … [Read more...]

God’s Love Leads to Safety by Robert Ricciardelli

Hope in a turbulent world is not logical, but participation in the very life of God leads to hope and a sense of safety. When we give God's love or are a recipient of His unconditional love from others, it becomes a safe place to be. If you can’t feel safe with a person, you cannot feel loved by them or trust in their love. The presence of God is safe and if you do not feel safe, it cannot be God's loving presence. The agape love of God creates freedom, trust, and safety, and any other kind of l … [Read more...]

You Can Handle the Truth by Robert Ricciardelli

Faithful are the wounds of friends that are willing to deliver the truth that may be painful to receive. There is an inexpressible pleasure in the safety of true friends that will never withhold from you timely considerations for your life. In the spirit of love, they are able to share with you what could possibly be the very thing you have been needing to hear. By not having to mince their words, or having to fear the sting of truth, friends can deliver clear and powerful messages toward … [Read more...]