No Stephen Hawking, God Did Create the Universe, by Eric Hovind

Imagine insurmountable rows of slot machines and the only way to win is to hit the jackpot 250 times in a row. The odds are against you. Yet, these are the same odds that would have to be overcome for the simplest life-form to evolve and form each of 250 proteins by random chance. It’s seemingly impossible. (From the documentary “Expelled” [2008])Though the premise above is irrational and illogical, the entire “theory” of evolution depends on the same “logic.” Evolutionists call Biblically ba … [Read more...]

Six Reasons Youth Leave the Faith by Richard Dahlstrom

Six Reasons Youth Leave the Faith: …and what to do about itThe Barna group has recently released a book entitled, “You Lost Me”, and this article offers a succinct summary of six main reasons that young people are leaving the church.  I’m grateful that church I lead in Seattle is generally swimming upstream against this trend.  We’ve grown from around 300 people to 2500 over the past 15 years and most of our growth has come as people between 18-30 have found our church, some of them returni … [Read more...]