Fully Present in Your Present by Robert Ricciardelli

Always pay attention to the present moment. There is no more important time in your life than living in your present moment, for it is your Presence filled "NOW." Why resist what is happening today? And how productive would it be to turn our focus to the past or future and miss what God is doing right now? The past is the history of life, and the future is speculation, but real LIFE is happening at this very moment. Say “yes” to your life today, say "yes" to the season you are in while knowing th … [Read more...]

Confidence in God for Every Season by Robert Ricciardelli

Many people begin a new season with resolutions that end up making them feel failure and guilt because of unfulfilled promises and commitments. It is always best to set up resolutions as goals and actions rather than promises. More importantly, it is where we place our confidence that matters most. True success does not come from our own strength, ability, or effort. By allowing God to work through our lives, we set ourselves up for accomplishing more than we had planned. God gives you … [Read more...]

The Redemption of Christmas Day and Season by Robert Ricciardelli

There are many people around the world that celebrate Christmas, and yet Christmas is not without it's critics. Look at this season as a focused time on the blessed birth and entrance of Christ for the world. It is not a time nor a season to argue about how or when we started to celebrate this day. The Christmas season is really about a state of heart and mind. It is an intentional moment in time to cherish peace and goodwill, for grace and mercy to abound, and a season of thankfulness unto God, … [Read more...]