The Harmonization of God and Science by Robert Ricciardelli

There is no real contradiction between the world of science and the world of religion. The two are dealing with two different things, but they are not in conflict with each other, they are not antagonists. Theologians are trying to describe the Creator; scientists are trying to describe His creation. Science and religion should be viewed as family in their ability to support one another. Science and theology must not be viewed as mutually exclusive forms in regards to humanity, rather they … [Read more...]

Believe in the Power of God by Robert Ricciardelli

Sooner or later, man has always had to decide whether he worships his own power or the power of God, whether he relies on what he can do rather than what God can do through his life. True success comes only through our abiding in the glory of God and in the Spirit realm of wisdom and revelation. The eyes of our understanding must be enlightened so that we have clarity of purpose, hope in the inheritance we have received, and operative knowledge of  God's ways and the unlimited power within us. … [Read more...]

Reclaiming True Friendship in the Facebook Age by Lee Grady

Lee is a good friend and like Joyce and I, he enjoys authentic relationships. Nothing can replace coming together physically and spiritually. Prior to that happening, we are also watching God connect us at a spiritual level with many people through technology even before we are able meet eye to eye. It really is supernatural and then combustibly supernatural when we all do come together. We had a gathering at FireCreek in NC in early March that was in fact a supernatural relational experience … [Read more...]

Warriors of God Arise! by Robert Ricciardelli

The warrior of God has self-confidence beyond that of the average man. The self-confidence is in their identity as a Son of God and in their revelation of oneness with God. It becomes more than just a self-confidence, but truly is a God-confidence fusion of the now, and of all things eternal. The warrior of God is confident in the "all things are possible" with God, but humble enough to know that without God, there is no power, there is no life. The world seeks certainty in the eyes of men, the … [Read more...]

Spirit That Happens to Have a Body by Robert Ricciardelli

We must see ourselves more as a spirit in a body rather than a body that happens to have a spirit. The body will eventually give way, but it is the spirit that lives on. We must engage our eternal minds with the mind of God when setting goals for our lives. To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit our human spirit, while limiting our cooperation with the Spirit of God. Everyone has a spirit that can be refined, a body that can be trained, and a divine pathway to follow. … [Read more...]

Participating in Something Larger than Yourself by Robert Ricciardelli

An authentic God experience brings freedom and a larger capacity for life. Experiencing God brings enlargement, connectivity, freedom, and peace. There is a dimension of love through God that enables us to love our family, friends, and the world around us in ways far beyond what we could ever do apart from Him. You find your thoughts renewed and His love, mercy and grace pouring out from your life. You are participating in something larger than yourself, and you find yourself allowing it and … [Read more...]

You Represent the Greatest Gift by Robert Ricciardelli

Paul was not one of the 12 Apostles, never knew Jesus in the flesh, and yet many would say he has had more influence than all the other Apostles put together. This must remain an encouragement to all of us, Christ's Body, for though we have not seen Jesus in the flesh, we carry the supernatural power of the Living God within us. Paul decided that whatever this message is, it is much bigger than religion. The power of this message of love supersedes all religious activities and joins us together … [Read more...]

The Agape Agenda by David VanCronkhite

Love has never been a mass movement. Never.So be wary of those who say they represent the Kingdom of God but do not carry God’s DNA, which is always about love. Always!No matter what you call yourself -- an Ambassador of the Kingdom of God, a Parish Priest, a Kingdom Carrier, or whatever the trendy term is for the year or decade, your credential for that position will always be that you have been impregnated by the Seed of God and carry His DNA.Don’t get caught up in causes and opi … [Read more...]

2012: New Leadership, New Boldness and New Provision by Lee Grady

As I have prayed about the coming year, I’ve sensed three clear directives.Some people are terrified of 2012. They worry because the Mayans of ancient Mexico mysteriously ended their 5,126-year-old calendar on Dec. 21, 2012—as if they expected the world to end that day. This silly hypothesis became the basis for several New Age books and a goofy disaster movie, 2012, in which actor John Cusack avoids meteors and earthquakes just in time to get his family aboard the modern version of Noah’s ar … [Read more...]

The Treasure Within You by Robert Ricciardelli

Christ Himself, the Kingdom of God, is the treasure within us. We carry the power of heaven within and have full access to the power of God for victory over all adversity. Do not be frustrated with the natural life when the supernatural is available for you. Don’t condemn yourself for being human or try to “cast out” your humanness. The more you see that treasure in you, the more Christ’s brilliance shines forth in you. And in the midst of your humanity, God gets the glory as you yourself are tra … [Read more...]