The Only Essence for Life by Robert Ricciardelli

We often exist on the peripherals of life, the circumference of real truth and life. We become confused as to what the essence of God and freedom really are, and end up holding on to the superficial and claiming it as substance. The absolutes and the true Center seems to be crumbling as reality in our lives. We live on the the fleshly edges for so long that it starts feeling like the only life available, never able to touch the depths of our soul and spirit. We have so many opportunities and … [Read more...]

Illuminating from the Darkness by Robert Ricciardelli

Suffering can bring  us closer to God as He becomes our refuge and our pathway to wholeness. We are captured by God's amazing love, and compelled to embrace the offering of our God who reveals to us our true identity and purpose in Him. As we surrender to God in Christ, we become immersed in divine fusion, a oneness with God, and a shared victorious life in Him. He takes us on the road to De-Mask-us from our false identity, and a death to the temporal things. The death of our deceptive identity … [Read more...]

Manifest Life Through Truthful Thoughts by Robert Ricciardelli

We condemn ourselves so often and come against God's desire to lift us up as His beloved children. Whatever we think about ourselves within our hearts, we begin to manifest the becoming of those thoughts in our life. The more we see ourselves as sinners, the more we will be prone to sin. The more we see ourselves as ambassadors of love and of righteousness through Christ, the more we begin to live in the nature of God. Thoughts and perceptions do matter. The more we see ourselves as part of the … [Read more...]

Christ the Message, Christ the Way by Robert Ricciardelli

God brought the message through Christ that living as God intended could only be found through His ways, His truth, His life, and His agape love. Therefore, He holds the keys and the promises for life itself. This is not a preferential truth, or a denominational or cultural lifestyle, this is a life in God that is both now and eternal. He holds it all together in significance while revealing His redemptive and restorative plan for each of us, and it is He alone that holds the meaning and value … [Read more...]

Do Not Depend on Your Own Way of Thinking by Robert Ricciardelli

People's dependency to their own way of thinking can be very destructive. We all think that our own patterns of thought are normal, logical, and true, even when truth and reason are nowhere to be found. We keep doing the same thing over and over again, even if it is not working for us. These mind games spiral towards self-destruction as we become what we think, and by determining thoughts as absolute truth it takes us further from reality life. Renewed minds can only come through our alignment … [Read more...]

The Elephant in the Room by David VanCronkhite

When I was 12, I had to memorize the poem "The Blind Men and the Elephant" for a school competition. I've never forgotten it.Six blind men describe with great certainty the mighty elephant, each touching only one part of it, never the whole animal. The one part they do experience and describe seems very accurate, but their overall conclusions about the whole elephant are wildly and laughably distorted. They assume their experience and viewpoint is the totality of the creature. No doubt, six … [Read more...]

You Can Handle the Truth by Robert Ricciardelli

Faithful are the wounds of friends that are willing to deliver the truth that may be painful to receive. There is an inexpressible pleasure in the safety of true friends that will never withhold from you timely considerations for your life. In the spirit of love, they are able to share with you what could possibly be the very thing you have been needing to hear. By not having to mince their words, or having to fear the sting of truth, friends can deliver clear and powerful messages toward … [Read more...]

Something Old, Something New by Greg Austin

It’s a New Year! (There is Nothing New Under the Sun).2012 has now dawned among every inhabitant of planet earth. All around the world, a rising chorus competes with another refrain: The first is “Thank God 2011 has ended,” while the other asks, “What will befall us in the dreadfully anticipated, 2012?But while we focus on a new year and new possibilities, new challenges and new experiences, there is a sense in which we ought to remember and to value what has been, and not be too quick to … [Read more...]

The Changed Meaning of Liberty by Rev. R.J. Rushdoony

Words change their meanings, and people who assume that older meanings still prevail invite deception thereby. It is part of current Marxist ideology to give a new content and an alien meaning to such familiar words as peace, freedom, republic, law, and so on.New meanings precede revolutions, because the content of human hopes is altered dramatically, and the existing order finds that it cannot satisfy the new meanings. Before the French Revolution, the idea of liberty had taken on a new … [Read more...]

Exposing Yourself to Spirit and Truth by Robert Ricciardelli

Spiritual self reflection is disruptive because it comes against our natural inclination for independence and self-centeredness. We gravitate toward ego, even more so with age, if something doesn’t expose it for the lie that it is. Ego is a negative force when it is all there is or all that matters. People really do not change too much themselves. God changes you, when you expose yourself to Spirit and Truth. Transformation remains difficult because too many people do not want their ego and s … [Read more...]