Allah Does not Belong to Islam by Helen Louise Herndon

This article first appeared in the Viewpoint column of the Christian Research Journal, volume 25, number 1 (2002). For further information or to subscribe to the Christian Research Journal go to: http://www.equip.orgSince September 11, scores of commentaries have been written about terrorism and Islam, many from Christian leaders. It is remarkable how writers unfamiliar with the Arabic language have ventured comments, if not judgments, relating to the term Allah. It is as if anything to do … [Read more...]

I Only Know What I Know! by Robert Ricciardelli

It is humbling to realize how limited my understanding really is at any given moment in time. The more I come to know the more I realize how much I have to yet to know. I have realized, “I know what I know, I know what I don’t know, but I don’t know what I do not know.” Okay, now that is a mouthful, so let me break it down.I know what I know:I know that there is only one GodI know that the sun rises and sets each day.I know that because of gravity, I always come down no matter how … [Read more...]

Change Begins With Understanding by Robert Ricciardelli

If we want to bring influence and create an opportunity for change, we must begin with understanding. Seeking to understand opens the door for change, and it is the demanding to be understood that can slam that door shut. Understanding is the seed for acceptance, and love has no power to influence or change without acceptance. So the desire to love must be we want to love something, we must begin with acceptance. Many try and change things outside the realm of love and yet it is the power of … [Read more...]