God says, “I Will” for you by Robert Ricciardelli

God Says ‘I Will’ for you! "I will put My thoughts and ways upon your heart and mind. I will be your God, and you will be My favored child. I will be merciful to your missteps and your wrongdoings and offenses I will remember no more.” In obedience to God, it is no longer you working for Him, but it is God working for you, both in you, and through you! Begin to recall what God says about you, and what God says He will do for you, and watch faith will arise in your heart. Faith soars in the knowi … [Read more...]

You Are a Cause For Change! by Robert Ricciardelli

"You can choose to be the cause or fall victim to the whims of effect. Life happens around us through choices not always our own. We must be responsible for our thoughts and perceptions of what happens to us or others. If you look at effects in life through a victim mindset, you have given away your power and cause responsibility. Through the empowered mind of faith, you become the powerful cause for change."1. How much effect is your current situation impacting your identity and … [Read more...]