Peacefully Seeking to Understand by Robert Ricciardelli

When we seek to understand rather than demand to be understood, the quality of our relationships go up, and transformational unity can build authentic community. We must understand that sometimes we do not know, what we do not know, until it becomes absolutely known. The more I have come to know, the more I realize how much I have to yet to discover. I have realized, “I know what I know, I know what I don’t know, but I don’t know what I do not know, until it is revealed.” There are things that ha … [Read more...]

Endangered Species: Mature Men by Junior deSouza

Friends & brothers,Mature men are an endangered species. And, age or position is of little relevance. Job 32:9 (NKJV) says, "Great men are not always wise, nor do the aged alwaysunderstand justice." A man of age or position can still be an immature, foolish boy.On the other hand, males of scant age or position can be quite mature. Of all the Christian men Paul knew, young Timothy was his choice to pastor the very large and important church at Ephesus. Some historians believe he was … [Read more...]

The Strategic and Disciplined Life by Robert Ricciardelli

Finding short cuts or cutting corners does not pay off in the long run. You must pursue strategic and disciplined steps toward the Spirit led direction of your calling. Variant moods and impulse choices can derail you off the wise and productive path to success. These choices are often a sign of impatience or poor self-discipline. But if you are willing to follow through the choices that only Wisdom can bring, you can achieve a breakthrough. Set up measurable and accountable standards to stay on … [Read more...]

Heaven’s Agenda by Calvin Tibbs

When Christ’s agenda takes center stage in our hearts, we will take off the robes we’ve dawned, put down the gavel in our hand, find a chair without a bench and start loving each other.  The world’s operating system loves a spectacle, and routinely excludes God’s view in their reporting. They opt instead for the ever-increasing Tell-Us-What-You-Think questions. Frankly, outside of the mind of Christ, our thinking is sadly lacking. The high court of our personal opinion flows all too freely and th … [Read more...]

Wisdom when “Your World” Falls Apart by Robert Ricciardelli

One of the great challenges in humanity is that we believe we have all the answers. God is patiently shifting us towards increased wisdom and knowledge, and usually does this by making our self-made world fall apart. God uses the pain of "Our world" falling apart to show us a life much bigger than we had imagined. Faith sustains us and allows us to discover how much we really need God. God is always drawing us closer and growing us in wisdom and stature through experiential life, and most of the … [Read more...]

What is Your Vision by Marc Brisebois

What is Your Vision?Vision is a critical issue for leaders, and no leader of any consequence can be without one. However, our idea of what constitutes vision may be lacking. People often ask me about my vision. Of course the answers typically expected are numeric in nature or involve a desired effect.Many expect that a vision must reach ‘such and such’ a number or cause ‘this or that’ effect. The question in and of itself is not a bad one, but often stems from misguided motivat … [Read more...]

Reconnecting With Your Center by Robert Ricciardelli

Talking to God and quieting ourselves enough to hear from God has the power to bring transformational wisdom, maturity, and favor. It does not require formal education, or a hierarchy of decision makers, does not need preachers, and does not need membership requirements that include and exclude. Engaging with God is about you and God first, and then being led in how we may engage with others. Deep prayer on the inside heals the outside and the in-between simply by reconnecting everything at its … [Read more...]

Learning the Ways of the Ant by Robert Ricciardelli

The ant diligently works in unity with others and stores food in seasons of harvest. The ant is an initiator and does not need a task master in order for it to do the right things. It continues to work faithfully in all conditions, and when the storms of life destroy mountains of opportunity, they go and build another prosperous hill to work in. One of the smallest of God's creatures can become one of His greatest teachers. Wisdom comes to us as we consider and learn from the ways of the … [Read more...]

Priorities Matter, “First Things First!” by Robert Ricciardelli

When our priorities are right, life goes well with us, and when we pursue the wrong things, life becomes unpleasant for us and for those around us. We all must realize our purpose in life while acknowledging the specific priorities tied to our purpose. When we misalign our choices, we begin to move away from God's intended focus and disciplines. Discernment is critical, especially when we are tempted to make choices that are easy, fun, or urgent. First things first; choose to seek wisdom for … [Read more...]