Center For Inquiry shows support for Foxhole Atheists

I was just contacted by Lauren Becker,VP and Director of Outreach of the illustrious Center For Inquiry. Many of you are probably familiar with CFI’s history of combating pseudoscience and its proponents. The Center for Inquiry, and its affiliates, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and the Council for Secular Humanism, also carry out their work through education, publishing, advocacy, and social services. Lauren offered to throw quite a bit of support our way, even getting us in direct contact with the aformentioned affiliate organizations. With a base of 40,000 registered members / subscribers, CFI has quite a large muscle to flex. We are extremely grateful to have such an organization on our team, to say the least.

The Center for Inquiry isn’t just a think tank – we’re a world-wide movement of humanists, skeptics, freethinkers, and atheists, all working together at the grassroots level to advance scientific and secular values where we live.

From social events to educational lectures, community volunteering to national advocacy, CFI members are living proof that there are good, ethical alternatives to religious and paranormal worldviews.

So it is entirely natural that CFI would take an active interest in the upcoming Rock Beyond Belief festival. This is surely going to have a noticeable impact in the coming weeks. We promise to keep you informed as this pledge of support begins to manifest.

Exciting news is exciting.

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