Tornadoes are evil and my cat is a bastard

I was gone for two minutes.

In the meantime, Zero did this (above)

The speakers were freaking out with loud error beeps (which continued for several minutes after I removed him). There is no way he was comfortable, and he clearly has a spiteful ‘In your face’ smile.

Damage done:

  • closed 3 email replies (not recovered)
  • launched VLC
  • crashed VLC
  • crashed a browser (twice actually because he opened hundreds of tabs, and I was naive enough to try to restore my tabs)

So instead of that really great secular update you might have wanted, you get this.


On a side note, check out these gruesome pictures from my neighborhood’s tornado damage. These are all either on my street or within one block. You can donate here (United Way) or here (Red Cross)

Click to embiggen.

Also, I know that many people like to use humor in times of distress. I liked this one, despite the spelling error. I’m proud of the courage this family showed. This is a perfect way to deal with on-lookers and strangers driving by snapping pictures. It is clearly very easy to get frustrated and angry at the people (like me) who succumbed to the natural urge to document this devastation. This sign was in the yard of a house that was completely destroyed:

Don't be a grammar-nazi, this is cute.
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