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Faith is Dangerous

Checking in… I’ve had many an argument with a believer as to the veracity of their beliefs and it always ALWAYS boils down to one thing once the validity of the accuracy of said belief has been trampled upon by my arguments. Now, I’m not the greatest debater in the world and I make great [Read More…]

Handfuls of twinkling stars

Beautiful. You might have to ‘subscribe’ to me on Facebook to get this thing to play – not sure. Totally worth it though. [Read more…]

Taking a break

Thanks for all the support. I’ll be back shortly. School is demanding as hell. Politics are crazy. Here’s the best song ever written. Synthetic World (Swamp Dogg Does Moon Dogg) It sums up my position about, well, everything. It’s a shame that these two sets of musicians (Swamp Dogg and Moon Dogg) only recorded one [Read More…]

Weird personality test for Army Recruiters

Apparently, I’m an extroverted introvert and I speak with authority while I question it. Neat. At least this personality test completely left off religion/spirituality. They were also spot-on about my ADD. I’m medicated though, so maybe I should have answered differently (I’m actually a little ‘too’ hyper-focused when medicated). It got weird near the end. [Read More…]

Secret society FAIL

Royal Order of the OPSEC Violation Service members are not permitted to transmit certain details about their deployments over unsecured lines. This includes data on major troop movements. Potentially, this information can be pieced together by enemies to predict upcoming operational maneuvers. The military jargon is ‘OPSEC’ – for Operational Security. “Loose lips, sink ships,” [Read More…]

A Wild Mabus Appears

What the hell is going on in this comment from Dave ‘Johnson’? His ‘triumphant’ link against me is simply a collection of youtube hyperlinks, dozens of entry’s long. BEST CLIPS ON ATHEIST: link 1 link 2 link 3 link 4 link 5 *SNIP – 50 videos later* we don’t care about the atheist, either!  WTF, [Read More…]

Did a 2-star general just violate that many regs in 30 seconds?

I discovered a video that is probably about to be deleted. The video features a 2-star general stumping for Centurion’s Watch – a traveling bible-based marriage retreat aimed at military members. “Centurions Watch is a wonderful way that you can help. Any donation or resource that you can give this organization – it’s faith-based. [Read More…]

Why I’m leaving Rock Beyond Belief

^that guy^ Dubble yew Tee Eff!! I’ve been absent for awhile and I wish it were under better conditions that I was able to make another post. Unforunately, I will be leaving Rock Beyond Belief 2. My efforts to get this movement off the ground running have taken me on a short journey I thought [Read More…]