Brian Kolfage and Jan Vrotsos

This post has nothing to do with atheism. All of us at Rock Beyond Belief strongly believe in social justice and that it is an integral part of the liberties we have fought for as members of the U.S. Military. This story took many weeks, months in fact, of investigation on behalf of all of us here. Many of the volunteers here hold a certain amount of fear about the backlash that will come as a result. Because of that fear I will not be divulging the individuals who took part in this investigation. I did not author this in its entirety but I take full responsibility for the contents of this post. – Paul Loebe Executive Director Rock Beyond Belief

The Friday after Christmas 2013, senior citizen Mrs. Vrotsos began receiving threatening calls. They started all at once and escalated in nature, as anonymous callers told the 82 year old to “get her affairs in order” and made threats on her life. One female caller, hearing Mrs. Vrotsos’s obvious terror at the abusive phone campaign, calmed down long enough to explain why she was calling—she was trying to reach Mrs. Vrotsos’s daughter, Janet , who earlier that day had “posted an inflammatory remark” on Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage Jr.’s Facebook page; attacking him and other disabled veterans, calling them worthless taxpayer burdens and wishing death on them, and Kolfage in particular.

When a screencap of the post, along with Janet’s personal information broke on the rightwing blog, it spread like wildfire across the conservative blogosphere and incited readers to a rage that would lead them to begin a systematic harassment of Janet, her former workplace, her family, and many of her friends. There was just one problem, though. The post was a photoshop job! and the story was a hoax created to spur the over 65,000 members of Brian Kolfage Jr.’s page to attack the admin of a rival Facebook page that was mistakenly identified as Janet Vrotsos.

The Investigation

The story first caught the attention of Rock Beyond Belief when a link of the blog was posted in a debate group. The message was distasteful but the doxxing of private details as punishment for free speech more so. We reached out to the Facebook group the blog mentioned—Republican Family Values—in an offer to organize a protection detail for the doxxed woman. The admin was quick to respond, saying that the group had no affiliation with Vrotsos, who indeed, was not even a fan of the page, and pointed me in the direction of several users who were investigating the story and subsequent dox.

It became apparent over the next few weeks that Vrotsos was wrongly identified as an admin of Republican Family Values, a satirical Facebook Group and rival of Airman Brian Kolfage Jr.’s facebook page (think the Stephen Colbert of Facebook groups) who had earlier that week posted a satirical meme poking fun of the Airman’s father, Kolfage Sr., in response to a meme he had posted. This is where it gets interesting. A Skype meeting was conducted with the admin of RFV, (who is most certainly not female), who gave a little backstory on his group. It started out as a joke—posting messages and links in a Poe-like manner to poke fun at typical Tea Party doctrine, and grew very quickly to over 35,000+ members. The admin, overwhelmed, brought in one more individual to manage the page—but this was several years ago.

The group also attracted the attention of actual Republicans and Tea Party members, and developed a practice of creating memes to honor some of the funnier quotes from dissenters. One such meme created fired back against Brian Kolfage Sr. after he posted a picture of President Obama’s face photoshopped into the body of the Kool-Aid Man, with the quote, “Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, folks.” In reaction to the post, members of RFV began appearing of Jr’s Facebook page, mocking him and his father’s posts and commenting on some of the more radical articles he posted. Kolfage Sr. took offense to this on his page, and began encouraging his users to report the RFV page in order to shut It down. The RFV page did what it usually does in this case—it created a meme.

The image was a combination of two photos taken from the Kolfage Jr page, and are considered public domain because Kolfage Jr is listed as a Public Figure and in accordance with Facebook Terms of Service, a public figure’s images are open to satire and parody (much like President Obama, Justin Beiber and other public figures are subject to parodies in their image.) In the meme, Jr, with wife and child (the image taken directly off Jr.’s Facebook banner) is captioned as saying, “Daddy, a Facebook page is being mean to me! Waaaaa!” with Sr, whose head is photoshopped onto a picture of a man painted to look like the Kool-Aid man, responds “No worries, son. Daddy Kool-Aid to the rescue.” Tacky, but harmless. It sent Sr. into a rage, however, and he in turn accused RFV of violating Facebook’s TOS by using the images without permission. He called on followers to report the meme, but Facebook refused to take it down because due to Jr’s status as a Public Figure, the photos were public domain for the purpose of satire and didn’t require permission to be used. When getting the meme removed failed, Kolfage Sr tried a different tactic—one he has since publicly admitted to. He created a fake RFV page using the same name and userpic, and began attacking members of the original page in order to draw out the admin. He would curse, insult, and respond with threats to any post or comment left on the Republican Family Values page, and this is how he ran into Janet Vrotsos.

Kolfage Targeting the Innocent

Janet Vrotsos will be the first one to admit she is not particularly computer savvy. In interviews she has given to Rock Beyond Belief and others, it becomes clear that she is not a frequent Facebook user. She mostly uses Facebook to “play Bejeweled, talk to friends, and look at pictures.” She had, however, been following the story of Delaney Brown, an 8 year old girl diagnosed with leukemia. When a friend of Vrotsos shared a link from RFV about the child’s death, it appeared on her timeline, and she posted a sympathetic message,

I have been following her story too[..]I am so very sorry for your loss…[S]he and you are in my prayers[..]I hope you find some peace,.

This comment appeared on the RFV page during Sr.’s attack, and he responded with a plighty

Go fuck yourself, Jan.

Addressing the attack like any sensible person would, she clicked on the fake RFV page, reported it, and then left a message,

Stay off my page…I have reported you.

Kolfage Sr. took this, somehow, as an admission from Vrotsos that she was the admin of the RFV page. He then used her open Facebook page to phish for information, purchased a background check on her in order to collect even more information, and then he prepared his doxx.

The Inflammatory Vrotsos “Post”

The admins of Rock Beyond Belief cannot admit with 100% certainty that the post Brian Kolfage Sr claims is from Janet Vrotsos was manufactured by Sr or one of his followers. However, we can claim it is with enough certainty that we’re willing to put our necks on the line for saying it. All the evidence points to this being a hack job and the motive is there. The post that Kolfage’s people leaked to the writer of the article, Jeff Rainforth, is grainy, yes, but especially pixelated around the name and text of the post. The triangle separating Vrotsos’s name and the group name also looks misaligned. I am willing to publicly state with my reputation on the line, that the post is fraudulent.

Why? Because the facts do not add up!

Let’s pretend, for a second, that she did post this message to the Airman page. Why would the admins just screencap it, then take it down? Why not leave it up as proof and let others comment on it? Furthermore, if she made the post in the first place, why bother with the systematic attack on RFVs in order to discover the identity of the admin…who they claim just happens to turn out to be Vrotsos? No, because the motive for Kolfage is to manufacture outrage for his followers in order to hit the RFV admins where it hurt when Facebook refused to take down a picture Kolfage Sr. found potentially embarrassing to his family and his cause?… From a business standpoint, it looks like a great way to generate buzz and publicity for his side—invent a scandal that is rage-inducing and outrageous in general, ensure it is picked up by other blogs so that it goes viral, and then enjoy the benefits that come from the viral exposure. Had Jan been a sock puppet instead of a real person, the incident would have been referred to as brilliant marketing strategy. However, Jan is real, and in Kolfage Sr.’s haste to steamroll over an innocent victim in his quest for “truth”, “justice” and “the American way” he actually committed several glaring crimes.

The Fallout

This entire scandal has left victim Jan Vrotsos in a precarious situation. She received several hundred terrifying emails, phone calls, and snail mail missives, and, before she was forced to shut down her page, Facebook messages daily. For weeks. The union she retired years ago from also received threatening messages along with promises to picket, forcing them to temporarily halt business matters in order to deal with the harassment, make a statement, and then finally conduct an interview with the victim. Jan has been sent magazines she didn’t subscribe to, including one about military history, forcing her to contact these companies one by one and cancel the subscriptions manually. She has had to hire a private investigator, to the tune of thousands of dollars, to begin building the case for her to take Kolfage Sr to court, and to try to get to the root of why she was framed and how. She has had to change her phone number as well as her mother’s, a process that involves time and money. Veterans and civilians alike still send her messages daily, months later, vowing to kill her and her dog, disparaging her looks, questioning her morals, and frankly scaring the wits out of her. Since this story broke, we have been able to uncover numerous sock puppets of Kolfage—so many, it leaves even us confused. From sock puppets that are under different names (Ben Overlue’s account, which has since been deleted but had a vanity URL of BGKSR, Brian G____ Kolfage SR, anyone? ), to counter-troll accounts used to infiltrate pro-Vrotsos groups, to fakes of their own page they created to defame themselves for sympathy, to truly ugly pages targeting victims’ dead relatives. These are not the actions of innocent people inundated with anti-military messages. They are the actions of internet bullies who attack, without provocation, anyone that disagrees with them or is perceived to disagree with them, by means of manufacturing reasons for their many followers to hurt the victims offline, in their private lives. Furthermore, the refrain in almost every call to vengeance Sr. issues is “How dare you attack a hero.” While Rock Beyond Belief never seeks to discredit another service member’s valor, we are disgusted by a service member’s father’s glee in capitalizing and piggy-backing off of his own son’s war injuries as a method to bully others that he perceives to disagree with him. His son may be a hero, but he is not. And using his son’s images in memes he creates to go after people who disagree with him is tacky beyond words.

A Pattern of Abuse

When Rock Beyond Belief and the group of individuals I am lovingly calling “Team Jan” began investigating her story in depth, more victims came forward. Most were gun shy and did not want to talk to anyone about their experiences because they were unable to trust anyone reaching out to them to help. The majority of them gave us a quick statement: they made a harmless comment of contrary opinion to a post of Kolfage’s that one of their friends linked to, and that showed up in their feed. They commented a dissenting opinion, forgot about it, and were only made aware that they had been targeted when the real life harassment started. Almost all that came forward have the same things in common—the story was linked through a friend, so a friend shared it from Kolfage’s page to their own; it showed up in the victim’s live Facebook feed because the sharer was a friend; the victim commented once and then put it out of mind, and then woke up a day or two later to find their personal details shared with an angry mob of people out to harass them. One victim was targeted after he commented on a friend’s post linking through to Kolfage’s page. Because he disagreed with the original post, Kolfage tracked down a satire page the victim had made years ago to protest a local elected official running for office. The victim, Louie Caponecchia, had used the page to play a Poe—an exaggerated characterization of the politician he meant to satirize—but Kolfage took it seriously, and used it to doxx Caponecchia, demand he be harassed and investigated by a fake-veteran watchdog Facebook page, Stolen Valor, for forging his military service (and since then, Stolen Valor has conducted no investigation and multiple sources including Rock Beyond Belief have verified Caponecchia to be a legitimate service member) and created multiple accounts to attack him, make allegations that his parents have disavowed him, and threatened his nephew. Just in the last few days, they have still persisted in harassing him and recently made a fake page on behalf of Caponecchia’s mother. Kolfage has commented upon places where Caponecchia’s family lives, indirectly threatened him and his loved ones, and gone so far as to impersonate them. This was an earlier attack of Kolfage’s—no fake message was constructed in order to incite followers to attack Caponecchia—and instead, Kolfage unsuccessfully attempted to use another well-populated Facebook page to do his dirty work for him. Few took the bait. And as a serial killer evolves in his murder techniques, so does Kolfage. He would not make the same mistake again. The second victim that came forward asked us to withhold his name. However, he has submitted multiple screencaps of the abuse, which we provide below. He told us that after a friend posted a link on their own page linking through to Kolfage’s page (seeing a pattern? I am) and it showed up in his feed, he responded. He commented something as simple as,

I hope [Kolfage] pulls his head out of his ass

and forgot about it. He started receiving phone calls the next day. (This was in June.) Kolfage had photoshopped a message from the victim in the same vein as the one he designed for Jan. This one, however, was less sophisticated, perhaps because Kolfage Sr. had less experience in trolling and doxxing. It was simply text on a picture, with no attempt to recreate a Facebook message screencap, but some of his readers still took the bait. Since December, more victims continue to come forward, most with the same story. Kolfage refuses to stop stirring the fire, and continues to post things about the victims on occasion. The police have gotten involved, and are finally granting a subpoena from Jan’s service provider for the IP addresses of some of the more threatening messages she has received, and even now, the threats and terror continue. Make no mistake: Jan is a victim.

What Does it All Mean?

Are there consequences for Kolfage Sr.? Possibly. He can be brought up on charges, and he can go to court. While freedom of speech isn’t a crime, providing personal details of someone in order to encourage others to commit acts of harassment and violence against someone, let alone an innocent victim, is a federal crime. The admins of Rock Beyond Belief are almost as disgusted by Kofage Sr. piggybacking off his son’s military service, and subsequent disability. Every single post, every single attack or counter-attack he begins all centers around the audacity of some people to attack the political positions of a man with a disability. However, Kolfage Jr.’s disability or military status does not protect him from dissenting opinion, and it certainly does not protect his father. Furthermore, even as a veteran, both he and his father skirt a fine line, legally, when using his military and disability status to raise funds, profits, or general awareness. The fact that he is disabled protects him from much of the backlash that other soldiers like Lt. Chuck Nadd, who is being called a Spotlight Ranger, and an attention seeker. Kolfage’s disability status means that we cannot make these same assumptions about him, publicly but it doesn’t mean he’s not guilty. Kolfage Clan: stop using your military status as a bully pulpit to harass and attack those who disagree with you, or worse, innocent victims. Civilian reporters may not feel comfortable calling you out on your behavior, but we are fellow soldiers, Marines, airman and sailors, and we have no compunction. We’ll be watching you. RBB

My aside. I went onto Facebook and created a brand new account titled “Brian Kolfage”. I then took this account, visited the Rock Beyond Belief page, and left a disparaging comment. Let’s examine a comparison. That took me less than 2 minutes. I’ve already deleted the account as well as the comment but I know how that game is played. – Paul Loebe

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  • youbringmesuffering

    i had a feeling from the beginning that i was forged. Unfortunately, when some asshat does something like this, it’s like dropping a grenade in the living room. the damage is done and the fire starts spreading. Social media will be the death of this nation…

  • Deborah Gatewood

    Thank you, Senior and his cronies are disgusting, he made a meme out of my 2 yr old great granddaughters photo and when I asked him to take it down he sent me a photo of someone shooting a man in the head and it said “NO”…Then he made a fake account using her photo….both were reported and have since been taken down but it took some time and effort….they are vile human beings.

  • Mommiest

    Great work, RBB! Nice research, really good journalism. I wish more blogs took this approach.

  • Keith Welnicke

    I was a victim of Sr. He threatened to use pics of my son and to sell them/ make him look like a “retard”after taking them from my banners,
    then he blocked me like the coward he is.

  • superlizzard

    lately, there’s been a spate of uber rightwing pages popping up for the sole purpose of posting the personal pages of people following liberal pages like rfv… while i have not been victimized, my personal page was posted, along with many others… it seems kolfage sr. started a bit of a trend with that… also, scuttlebutt is that jr is just as guilty in this as his dad… these people are truly sick….

    • Erick E.

      It’s actually a time-honored teabilly trick. A page called “Libtarded” has been doing it for years.

      • Raoul Eternale Livith

        And we will hunt him down, sooner or later

      • Eye SaidThat

        An admin for that page is a nasty peice of crud. He recently threatened to rape and murder a mother and her children because the mother disagreed with him on his racist/homophobic viewpoints. His personal page was removed for 12 hours because of that.

    • risingphoenix

      Well all Teapublicans are SOCIOPATHS but those two take the cake. They are uber NARCISSISTS / MEGALOMANIACS as well.

  • Kolfage Lies

    This is what you call stochastic terrorism. This i why Brian Kolfage and others post your families personal info as well. They threaten your innocent family members in the hopes of intimidating you off the internet. They want to send out a message to the public which is “fuck with us or disagree with us, and we’ll post all your info and try to get you fired from your job.” Brian Kolfage is a fascist pig, and a criminal, and he defrauded the VA for 5,000 bucks. Seriously, look it up.

    • risingphoenix

      Both Jr and Sr’s info was so easy to find on Google it was pathetic. Could have easily posted theirs as well. Thing with RWers is that the RW has become a CULT and it’s “leaders”, “talking heads”…whateverthefuck you want to call them are idolized by the sheep/lemmings who are willing to do their beck and call without a second thought. It’s the same phenomena that let Hitler reign. It’s called NATIONALISM/FASCISM.

  • risingphoenix

    I was targeted by this asshat as well. I had posted something on the RFV page that had absolutely NOTHING to do with KolFAG or his mental midget of a father and somehow was accused of being Jan’s “co-admin”. I had some troll/minion of Jr’s ( a Tracy Ondras who has since removed her photo and original FB page) post me some threatening messages. I pretty much told her to FO and blocked her from my page. Lucky for me, that was the end of it.

  • Kolfage Lies

    Kolfage Klan has done a lot more since the Jan incident. We found out
    recently his wife was involved in a lot of vile shit, using two troll
    accounts, “Tinker Bella” and “Darren Remington”.

    The Darren Remington profile was another cloned account of
    a man who opposed Kolfage, and they posted his personal info,
    threatened his baby with a comment saying “I wonder how she’d look in a
    tiny casket”, and posted his employers info in an attempt to try to get
    him fired.

    seems to be a theme with them as well, going after peoples employers
    and trying to get people fired as a form of punishment for challenging

    Kolfage practices is called stochastic terrorism. Stochastic terrorism
    is the use of mass communications to stir up random lone wolves to carry
    out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but
    individually unpredictable.

    Brian Kolfage himself fell back on an excuse of “I’m not responsible
    for what my fans say or do”, despite his intentional posts that whip
    them up into a frenzy, right before throwing them personal info.

  • Ren Rem

    I’m the individual that “Kolfage Lies” mentioned … the despicable attack on me and my family was only made possible by Facebook’s lack of security …. But all that the Kolfage Komedy Klan accomplished was to harden my resolve to NOT back down.

    I’m going to go out of my way to keep spreading the word about Kolfage.
    He has no sense of “Duty, Honor, Country”. He is completely bereft of any personal integrity.
    BTW – that same someone also tried getting my email flooded with a bunch of email “subscriptions” to various LGBT organizations …. that also failed to impact my day beyond giving me a short chuckle. Unlike Kolfage, I’m quite comfortable in my own skin and actually do support some LGBT causes even though I am most definitely “straight”. Also, unlike Kolfage, I’ve never had a woman dump me for another woman, but that’s really irrelevant.
    I’m not quite sure why they signed me up for a pre-paid PayPal MasterCard or that “discount pharmacy plan”, but it took no real effort on my part to simply throw that mail away with other junk mail.
    Kolfage is a disgrace to the uniform – and I’m not the only vet who feels this way. Kolfage wants to make it personal and in that he has succeeded – He’s now made it my business – because it IS my business when anyone makes seditious/treasonous statements – especially when wrapped in the U.S. Flag while wearing the uniform … it is MY business and the business of every red-blooded American who ever swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies – foreign AND domestic.
    And with his close association with the likes of Garrow and others who are calling for a military coup, Kolfage is fast showing himself to be a seditious traitor. And I’m not the only one who sees it that way:
    Kolfage has a very selective memory as well – he likes to complain that his troubles with the VA started because Obama is out to get him, but the fact is that his troubles with the VA started when he was discharged from active duty. That’s why Gabby Giffords helped him cut through the red tape at the VA – back when “W” was still POTUS.
    Of course, if he hadn’t defrauded the VA in the first place, he wouldn’t be having so much trouble now – but Kolfage isn’t one to take personal responsibility for his wrongdoing.

  • Max Vincent

    Butthurt Kolfage Senior is a bully; is there any wonder that Junior followed in his footsteps? We all know that bullies are not born that way, so what we have to ask ourselves is why Senior wraps himself in his son’s glory and usurps it for his own? You have to wonder just how fucked up in the head they both are. I do not think either of them are heroes, especially Junior. I go out of my way to thank veterans, especially men and women who have literally given of themselves in service to this country. But when you deliberately go out of your way to harass, belittle, demean, humiliate and abuse people well, you deserve whatever you get in return. I hope there is a way that can be found to put Kolfage Senior in prison for a very long time, no computer access, after he has spent every penny he has to attempt to atone for his cruel attacks on anyone who happens to find him a full-of-shit, pompous, lying, scumbag.

  • RFV

    One important point was left out of this article:
    After a few days went by, following a Twitter exchange between RFV and Kolfage Jr, although RFV was under no obligation to do so, they removed the “Daddy Kool Aid” post in an effort to quell the mayhem. Junior also asked RFV to acknowledge that Janet was an admin of the page. RFV again denied that Janet was an admin.
    RFV announced in a pinned post that the meme was removed at the request of Junior, offering an olive branch. Junior posted in a pinned meme for his minions to “stand down” and that RFV had “admitted wrongdoing” (RFV did not admit wrongdoing). Junior’s pinned comments were removed after a short time and the attacks on Janet V continued.
    Another point: RFV never saw itself as a “rival page” of Kolfage Jr. They had never heard of him, had no idea who he was, until Senior stopped by to pick a fight. That was the one and only time RFV had engaged Junior’s page.
    RFV deeply regrets this horrific incident and the harm that was done to Janet as a result, and hopes that Janet gets the justice she deserves.

  • James Greer

    I’m a Union Member and a Veteran. I’m very glad to see this article. I’m glad someone was able to assist in finding truth about this story.

    I first had seen it on FB from a link to the blog of Allen West. The title of his reporting story on Jan was that she was another Union thug and her opinion is that of Unions.

    I didn’t believe she had made that comment to JR, but I couldn’t disprove it. All I had kept seeing was that her “comment” was being used to attack unions, and that someone as Allen West should of done his due dilligence prior to ing his report. All he did was believe that if it’s on the internet it must be true.

    Thank you again for bringing light to this story.

  • Subcomandante Goatz

    Kolfage is an opportunist and a bully through and through. He goes after people he perceives as weak and easily intimidated. At the same time, he does not try any of these sorts of stunts with any of the actual anti-fascist activists who have called him out on his racism and his advocating the lynching of President Obama. I am sure it is because he realizes that such activists are largely immune to his tactics. I also think he realizes that such activists know how to swarm much better than his followers.

    I had initially wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, because I thought his obvious mental illness was a result of his service-related injuries. Daddy Kool-Aid makes it obvious that he was steeped in racial, political, and religious extremism from childhood. What I find truly worrying is how many followers he has, and what blind sheep they are.