Another Christian claim of Religious Persecution. War Vet to War Vet

Unprofessional trolls

My last post, not related to atheism but exposing a horrid story of rampant harassment, was directed towards Brian Kolfage. Apparently, I am a complete liar and making up “wild accusations” towards him and his ilk. Except that I have TONS of evidence in my possession that I have amassed over a 2-1/2 month span. I’m sure if it comes to it I’ll release but for the moment it just doesn’t seem purposeful. The good news is that there was a major scrubbing done to the Senior Airman Brian KolfageFacebook page. All of the old posts regarding his victimization from “alleged” attacks from anti-military folks (and the subsequent doxxing of personal information – to include addresses and employers of these “alleged” attackers) were removed. I suppose that is a step in the right direction. The Kolfage Klan is certainly backpedaling in their modus operandi but have denied wrongdoing of any type. I don’t really understand what they are doing.

Report! Uh-oh!

So this new page popped up in defense of the eternal victimhood of Brian Kolfage. I guess the Commander of KBay is going to be very confused. A few moments of head scratching before they realize I haven’t been stationed in Hawaii in over 5 years. Additionally, it is not illegal for me to post, say, or do what I’m doing. The BK page has actually been harassing, intimidating, and inciting fans to action with death threats through a manufactured process of constant pseudo-victimization of this service member.

Brian – you are a vet and I am under no obligation whatsoever to treat with you respect as commanded under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. If there were some precedent, Senior Airman, you would be answering to me as I outrank you. Please report me for exercising my first amendment rights. In fact those are YOUR rights so I encourage it. Honestly, though, we both know it’s a waste of time. I’ve been told much worse by people with far heavier collars than you.


So I’ve also been accused of going after him because I’m an atheist. This is an interesting anecdote with absolutely no evidence. The logic one must really bend and distort around one’s head is mind-boggling. Why would I go to such lengths to defend a Catholic – one Jan Vrotsos – in order to attack another believer of Christ? I suppose with the appropriate circular logic utilized by members of the christo-fascist dominionist movement, which Kolfage certainly appears to support, then you could make some great leaps outside the realm of realism and into the fantasy world of irrational thinking that ruled most of the world for about 600 years – called the “Dark Ages”.

That rationality would only require one to accept that I am indeed serving the Dark Lord and answering the call to Satan’s service, using Jan Vrotsos – a servant of the Lord most high, my Dark Lord’s enemy – in order to assault the character and class of one Brian Kolfage. Or one could not be clinically insane and realize that I jumped in because I saw an egregious attack on innocent people by someone running around utilizing his war injuries to justify his shitty personality and horrible actions. The worst part – people are still buying it.

I honestly cannot fathom how stupid this is going to get. I’m only doing this as a rebuttal and because I came to the defense of civilians and veterans who were targeted by Brian. I didn’t ask for his side of the story because it was glaringly obvious what he had done. The whole point of me going public with and exposing this was to get it to stop. So far I’ve seen some wonderful results. Instead of the

“Get ‘em and show ‘em how you feel!!!”

posts he’s become much more respectful in his approach to the issue at hand.

Case in point:  

He’s asking people NOT to attack now. How kind of you….almost.

Seriously!? This has been thoroughly debunked. You are nothing but a neocon nitwit who plays the victim card in any way he can. You are a far right christo-fascist troll. I never once brought up religion in this case and even placed a disclaimer on the post about you. I’ve received some hate for being an atheist – but really no more than usual. I am somewhat surprised as I expected more but I do appreciate your somewhat backtracking defensive maneuver asking people not to engage or attack us.

A final note – I’ve done a lot of work WITH Christians – many of them actually fans of this blog and of the concert Rock Beyond Belief had on Fort Bragg, so why would I go into some deluded rant attacking my allies? It certainly doesn’t make any strategic sense, but then perhaps since you are such a fan of “Dubya” as is readily apparent from your page you don’t believe in strategy…just strategory

News story

Apparently a news story will be coming out tomorrow. There are a couple reporters that are close allies with Brian. They also appear to be war-hawk neocons so…eh.  I’m making the broad assumption, which could be completely wrong, that it is Jeff Rainforth. We’ll see if my prediction holds true. If not I guess James Randi was right about my psychic abilities.

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  • Scott

    All I can say is that I don’t know how you deal with these people without beating people to death with a spoon in random acts of frustration. You’re a better man than I.

  • Ren Rem

    Well – since the hacking of my SO’s account by the Kolfage Komedy Klan, and the subsequent “doxing” of OUR personal information – I’ve seen some interesting profile searches on my LinkedIn account – One by an obvious fake (account created with my name on Feb 12 – right when all the other crap the KKK was pulling happened) back 2-3 weeks ago, and two more in the last two days: one William Curtis (a U.S. Marine currently serving in Ft. Lauderdale) – Hey, William – you don’t mention your rank, I’ll just give you a shout out by your full name; and one anonymous.

    I would just like to add – I’m a Christian and I have no issue with your atheism – Like the apostle, Paul, learned in Athens, you can’t make someone believe like you by pounding it over their head. And besides, it’s your first amendment right to believe as you will.