Why the move?

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The chief motivation for moving the RBB blog to Patheos is to circumvent the increasingly frequent blocking of our site at many military bases.These bases allow similar content from religious perspectives, so it's not just some blanket policy on blogs. Frankly, this is likely to come up again (and again). Even the main website for the festival we launched was blocked by many military bases, despite the event being largely staffed by DoD personnel. Blogging with ferocious activists like Chris … [Read more...]

Settling in to our New Home


Getting cozy I plan to have some new blogs up this week. I'm glad to be at Patheos and hope you guys and girls are ready to help support us as we keep the Foxhole Atheist movement rolling!I'm still working on getting the old blog posts moved over here and learning the basics about how Patheos is run. It's just a little different from Freethoughtblogs so it'll take me a short time to get it all down. Please stay patient and I promise to keep you guys thoroughly informed with the activism … [Read more...]

Graphic Artists / Designers

New site changes means new graphics!! We want your help, and to make you a part of the team! Right now what we need is a new facebook coverphoto, profile pic, twitter background. There is no prize except pride in helping and showing off your work. We might even need your help later with something a little bigger. Remember this is dedicated to foxhole atheists!! Make it patriotic, atheistic most important, have fun and get creative! :)  Cat    … [Read more...]

Assassin Actual is still alive (and well)

More than a few people have been asking me to poke Assassin Actual to see if he's alright. He is OK.He's stuck in a very demanding job right now, with the workload of several people falling solely on him. That's what you get when you're good at your job, I suppose. He should have known better than to let his unit know he was smart!Anyway, he's not going to come back any time soon. He knows that he always has a spot here at FtB waiting for him when he's able. … [Read more...]

Two star general does the Macarena

This is the highlight / blooper reel for the 1st Sustainment Command (Theater) [counter-intuitively shortened '1st TSC'.] This is where I have worked for 4 years. We just said goodbye to Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dowd, and he will be missed. He was always trying to show the human side of being a general. Often, he'd go out of his way to interact with the enlisted ranks as much as possible.One of my soldiers, Specialist Kelsey Jeffers, created this video montage for his going away party. It was a … [Read more...]

Dat Santorum

All apologies to the internet for putting this frothy thought in your head.Image below the fold...[mildly NSFW] Click 'read more' to view. … [Read more...]

Deployment is over and my daughter is so happy to see me!

This is about 5 minutes after I landed back in the Fort Bragg area. Perhaps 'happy' isn't the right word.My daughter Zoe is also learning to say "Not the mama."Zoe, if you are reading this years from now... that was a reference to this TV show:http://www.youtube.com/embed/HNR4hKbSH7I? … [Read more...]

This website is down and you can’t click here

Oh, you fixed it.Anyway, we've been breaking the series of tubes that is our website. So we're upgrading the modem from a paper cup and string all the way to a 2400 baud AOL dedi.To make things interesting, we're doing this around 10PM Eastern (11 Bermuda Triangle Time) on 11/11/11. Wait, that's not interesting. Numerology is dumb.Anyway, this FreethoughtBlogs project is a success, and these types of server upgrades are a testament to it. Most of us are pretty handy with computers. … [Read more...]