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I saw this popping up today on social media They fail to mention Pat was a foxhole atheist who stood against the war and planned on speaking out against it through books and speeches when his contract ended. [Read more...]

How do vaccines cause autism?

Science I’m a scientifically literate person, or at least I hope to stand on the shoulders of intellectual giants and do my best to understand what they are telling me, a simple layperson. I always see these very interesting arguments about vaccines causing autism. Now as a brand new father with a young daughter this [Read More...]

PTSD and….

Bleh I’ve really tried to stay away from this but…. I’ll just drop this video here. [Read more...]


Gonna be a busy weekend for me. I’ll try and keep some posts coming. I’m writing something about Elder Scrolls and my undying love for that video game series. Oh and probably another something about how god isn’t real. I do want to see that “Gods not dead” movie. Any suggestions on an atheist tee [Read More...]

The First Amendment: What Argument?

I’ve been spending a lot of time studying the Constitution, lately. I really like that document and I think it is very nearly the greatest thing ever written. It’s mind-blowingly brilliant and, although there were flaws in it, the manner in which it was written and how our government was set up gave it the [Read More...]


One of my best buds in the Corps missed out on the easiest duty ever! It’s pretty funny to me merely because of the way he tells it. He had received orders for recruiting, which many people dread, but pulling all the stops out he got his orders for Texas. And if there’s one thing [Read More...]

Marine Corps outlaws Ouija Board because of “mystery and fear”?

Ouija Board Outlawed

Yeah, it’s real. This is a few months old but it’s still an active order for the engineer school. Technically, it’s not illegal – stupid, but not illegal. The Ouija board was never officially ruled as a religious article so therefore it is not subject to religious protections. Haven’t we got two wars, high rates [Read More...]

Is Christian evangelism to blame for the popularity of internet porn?

So I’ve just gotten back into the habit of blogging when someone sent me a link from another Patheos blog on the evangelical Christian channel. I was sort of in shock and awe at the post. I seriously bellowed in laughter at reading the headline and then began to actually read the argument he made for [Read More...]