I feel so betrayed. That was utterly shameful writing!

Trigger warning for fans of drama: this post will disappoint you. [Read more…]

Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson attempts Gangnam Style dance

I’ll just leave this here: www.youtube.com/embed/ScWBoZk69xE#t=132 The senior citizens are rather endearing, and it’s a very healthy concept. For me, the weirdness really comes from Fox and Friends‘ Gretchen Carlson doing the ‘lasso’ part of the Gangnam Style dance. The original video has been viewed nearly a billion times on YouTube. I tired of the [Read More…]

Craigslist ad: “Praying for a Free new/used car”

Crazy soldiers! lolwut: Yeah I suggest this person make use of the off-post blood / blood platelette donation centers – you can earn more than a car payment every month. *Copypasta below the fold:* [Read more…]

This man has a finite number of after-lives

How many? www.youtube.com/embed/szXaNVNMoVU? Three¬†Two. Don’t forget, there is a specific place where you go when you die. [Read more…]


Sometimes not letting ordinary people know what you’re up to works in your favor. It tends to keep certain types of people ‘in suspense’. Then… when you finally deliver the answer to them, they tell all of their buddies. [Read more…]

This is what happens when you die, it’s a fact.

It’s a fact: When you die you go to Rainbow Road. I’m pretty sure this is a fact, anyway: http://www.youtube.com/embed/FuX5_OWObA0? Win. Please let me know if you have more examples of absurd material like this… preferably related to religion / atheism in the same loose manner. I’m craving more! Deployment is winding down and boring, [Read More…]

Pabst Yellow Ribbon Campaign

These yellow ribbons, stickers, and magnets are pointless and only benefit the makers of ribbons, stickers, and magnets. Find a soldier, veteran, or military spouse and just say “Thank you.” Bonus points: beer is another way to spend about the same amount of money as the ribbon would have cost. That’s why I’m dubbing this [Read More…]

Hill Street Blues actor Daniel J. Travanti needs help, seriously.

I didn’t realize he had gone off he wagon, but Daniel Travanti, of 80’s Cop drama¬†‘Hill Street Blues’ fame needs to go back to group / treatment. Last week he was contacting brave Florida atheist activist, EllenBeth Wachs. But he let out a bizarre rant, ‘no atheists in foxholes’ canard in check. EllenBeth and I [Read More…]