Army Chaplaincy’s Spiritual Resilience e-book removed from Amazon

Exploring the remnants of an sale for an $2.99 e-book titled Spiritual Resilience: Renewing the Soldier’s Mind. This item was later removed.It lists *Loss of Faith* as a symptom of PTSD. [Read more…]

I was just on Fox News Radio…Kicking myself for not saying:

Should have said it: Thanks for having me on the show. As you know, there are no atheists in fox news – so I really appreciate it! [Read more…]

Fort Bragg approves on-post atheist festival, Rock Beyond Belief

On March 31st, 2012, Fort Bragg will be hosting Rock Beyond Belief with the full support it was promised. [Read more…]

Eugenie Scott, Josh Rosenau, Donald Prothero support foxhole atheists

The legendary champion of good science, Eugenie Scott has been caught supporting an atheist event (again!). Specifically, the foxhole atheist event at Ft Bragg. [Read more…]

ACLU, AU Tells the Army That They Must Approve Atheist Festival

ACLU and AU break this down marvelously, explaining the controversy. This is a chance for the Army to embrace its 2nd largest religious preference, non-religion. [Read more…]

Brave Army Captain On the Dangers of Fighting Proselytism

In case the reader is unaware, simply speaking out and standing up for what is right when it comes to religion is extremely tough at the local unit level. Speaking out at the national level is exponentially more difficult, but is simply not a path that most people can take. This letter also illustrates that even just enforcing existing rules, regulations, and laws can be hazardous to your career. The author has clearly made tough choices, and at great risk to his own professional development. [Read more…]

Interact with Nate Phelps, Estranged Atheist Son of ‘God Hates Fags’ Pastor

Nate Phelps has graciously agreed to take questions from all of you during the 24 hour rapture party on Saturday May 21st. You heard about it right? Rapture parties are great and all… but it’s also Armed Forces Day. So Deborah from God Discussions has thrown together a star-studded 24 hour internet video telethon. Foxhole [Read More…]

24 Hour Internet Telethon For Foxhole Atheists on Rapture Day

You might be attending a cool Rapture themed party. But, did you know that May 21st is also Armed Forces Day? Support the troops with our 24hr internet telethon [Read more…]