When you say “Veteran’s Day”…


I feel conflictedEvery Veteran's Day weekend there are guilt-stricken Americans "supporting the troops" the only way they know how: defending our service members and their honorable mythic, stoic heroes of might and justice, who undergo herculean tasks under fire in the defense of liberty, truth, etc. from the verbal assaults of anyone who would suggest they are anything other than such.They doth protest too much, methinks. Once upon a time, we were a nation unified. We bore the burden … [Read more...]

Army brings the first ever Torah Scroll to Afghanistan, tells the world

This is coming from the Army's website of pre-packaged videos for the media to pick up.www.dvidshub.net/video/embed/137199It's all well and good to be respectful of fallen soldiers, and to embrace diversity among the religious preferences. But to brag about the fact that you brought the first Torah Scroll into a Muslim nation? Probably not a good idea.This is one time that I hope they just remove the video, before some Islamic fundamentalists get a hold of it. Usually, I'd suggest … [Read more...]

Bible stopped a bullet, saving a soldier’s life

From the Casa Grande Dispatch:An “Awake America” rally to provide overseas troops with Bibles has been scheduled for 8:30 and 11:15 a.m. Feb. 12 at the Christian Church of Casa Grande, 1510 N. Casa Grande Ave.I assure you that this is not a problem. There are plenty of copies of many translations of the Bible available.Cecil Todd, founder and president of the worldwide Revival Fires Ministry from Branson, Mo., will be the featured speaker.“The ... nondenominational rally is to call Amer … [Read more...]