Another Victory for Foxhole Atheists at Colorado Springs!


Air Force AcademyIn my last post I alerted everyone to a problematic email sent out by an Air Force Master Sergeant. The Air Force has capitulated away from unconstitutional official policy and have agreed to, once again, allow graduating cadets to omit the "oath to god" from their Creed.I, (state your name), having been appointed a (rank) in the United States (branch of service), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against … [Read more...]

Air Force atheist refuses to bow her head for Jesus

This message made me extremely happy. So many of us are ordered to stand and bow our heads for Jesus on a disturbingly frequent basis. I'm glad that there are so many of us that are this feisty.NAME/RANK/DUTY LOCATION WITHHELDThe topic of prayer or invocations during official military functions has always been a touchy subject with me. I believe that prayer is a personal matter and should not be part of any military function. Chaplains will mostly say that they try to keep it “neutral” but … [Read more...]

Air Force Base denies atheist display, allows Menorah and Nativity Scene

Travis Air Force base is already under intense scrutiny over these displays that are inappropriate to begin with.The official word so far was that each of the 20 or so displays represented a squadron on base. Apparently this facade implies that an entire squadron is Jewish. And wouldn't you know it - their display just happened to be next to an entire squadron of Nativity Scene enthusiasts.(Forgive the transition into third-person, but the following is from an upcoming press release … [Read more...]

Veterans Day post: daughter remembers MSgt. Jack Edward Keeney

Jack's daughter, Jennifer is extremely proud of her father. In one of the more touching moments I've witnessed in the facebook group for Military Atheists (and veterans and spouses and supporters...) Jennifer writes:My late father, MSgt. Jack Edward Keeney was a medic and a hospital lab chemist in the Air Force.He was an unwavering atheist who served honorably for 20 years.My friend Dan Rawlings said: "RIP - I hope someone writes this about me someday…"Jennifer responded: "He wo … [Read more...]