Atheists donated way too many care packages to deployed troops

Earlier this week, I highlighted an incredibly easy way to send a care package to a deployed military member, completely free of charge.It was a combined effort between Revision Military, who makes SawFly battle-ready eye wear among other things, and also the AnySoldier charity who helps match military members with individual donors.This started getting a lot of traction on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter almost immediately. So I called them to ask a few basic questions. Namely, were they … [Read more...]

Painless way to send a troop a care package free of charge

This is not an 'atheist effort', but who cares - right? A company called Revision Military (who makes a brand of military/tactical glasses) has teamed up with AnySoldier to send out care packages. This combined effort is called 'Revision Gives', and I think we can all jump on board with this one.All you have to do is type your name, email address, pick a branch of the military, and type a short message. The entire process took me 30 seconds.Click here to send one, and please share this … [Read more...]