Assassin Actual is still alive (and well)

More than a few people have been asking me to poke Assassin Actual to see if he's alright. He is OK.He's stuck in a very demanding job right now, with the workload of several people falling solely on him. That's what you get when you're good at your job, I suppose.┬áHe should have known better than to let his unit know he was smart!Anyway, he's not going to come back any time soon. He knows that he always has a spot here at FtB waiting for him when he's able. … [Read more...]

Everybody needs to wish Assassin Actual ‘get well soon’

This was actually sent out to a lot of people by someone in the Army. I'll spare identifying details, but you deserve +1 internets.It's pretty funny, and it got our attention. Apparently people are succumbing to the Norovirus left and right. The warning message about this outbreak might have just been ignored by many people. We get weird stuff in our inbox all the time.Anyway, I've just received confirmation that one of my fellow FtB'ers, Assassin Actual has Norovirus. He said it was … [Read more...]