Baby learning to speak in tongues

So this is how they get you. Perhaps babies are 'born atheist' (without a religion)... but they seem to become zealots really see grown ass men talking like this on late night televangelist programs. It's baby talk! Grow up, raaaabaaalololo baaaa faaaaaaa riggookkooolala dooooooooooooobooooooo JEEEE-SUS aabbbbbloriahnooobogo nobogo looo wookiewookie jibby jibby jibby. They should be embarrassed! Babies are cute when they do it. Adults are … [Read more...]

Little Babies – OM NOM NOM!

It seems we've been caught.My father read my post about working¬†with¬†Chaplains and not against. He saw the piece end with the 'atheist baby-eating' meme, and he felt the urge to call us out. You'll notice that my sister, Nina, is chatting with my wife, Tianna, about how scrumptious our daughter looks on Facebook.The jig is up!My dad is a pretty funny and awesome guy. You may remember his last interaction with this website, when he wished me a happy Easter and also completely debunked all … [Read more...]