Atheist birthday cake!

Today is my birthday. This was just left on my facebook wall. Hadn’t seen it before. Cute. [Read more…]

Atheists on reddit raise money like a champ for Doctors Without Borders

Look at how much money r/atheism raised for Doctors Without Borders! There’s no point in me even really putting a number on it. I saw it hit $100,000 much earlier today, and I see no sign of slowing. People are doing clever posts like ‘every upvote, I’ll donate $X amount’. Some early posts along these [Read More…]

My daughter thinks daddy lives in the computer

Zoe gets gobbled up in all the comments when a picture hits facebook. Oh you silly Facebook atheists. I wonder if grandma understands the baby-eating jokes. Oh well, keep ’em coming, they make me laugh. [Read more…]