Craigslist ad: “Praying for a Free new/used car”

Crazy soldiers! lolwut:YeahI suggest this person make use of the off-post blood / blood platelette donation centers - you can earn more than a car payment every month.*Copypasta below the fold:* … [Read more...]

Fort Bragg Craigslist ad: Tree climber looking for work

Craigslist seems weirder around a military town. Fort Bragg and the greater Fayetteville area have provided several hilarious weirdos. There was the man with 5 felonies demanding that we all stop being absconding interlopers. And there was the 50 foot dresser that was also specifically advertised as 'not haunted'This week's entry into my series on Craigslist is no exception.experienced Tree climber looking for work. (Fayetteville )Looking for climbing work NO TREE TOO BIG OR TOO … [Read more...]

Horseshoe pro: “but if either you or your horse are an idiot…”

The latest in craigslist fail isn't as epic as the Christian Parkour team, or the man who refused to tolerate absconding  interlopers. Still, check out this advertisement.This horse farrier is very patient!!!!... Service also available to some outlying counties depending on number of horses and location. Sane horses and owners need only apply, I am extremely patient and dont mind working gently with nervous or young inexperienced horses as long as you've done your homework, but if either yo … [Read more...]

Large dresser $50, seller promises it is *NOT HAUNTED*

Local Craigslist strikes again. This time I think the seller is funny, and not insane (in stark contrast to the others).The ad reads:Large DRESSER- Not Haunted - $50This is a large dresser that has durable drawers. It has wear on the top left, lower left corner, and is missing a knob. Otherwise, it is very solid. It is about 48' wide. I have my cell phone in the picture for size. It isn't haunted, the orbs in the photo are from dust, not ghosts. The image is below the fold.Look at … [Read more...]

Free “Artificial CHRISTmas Tree”

Once again, Fort Bragg area Craigslist weirdos provide hilarious blog fodder. Last time, we were all accused of being 'absconding interlopers' by a five time violent felon. Good times.This week's adventure brings us no closer to sanity.Artificial CHRISTmas Tree *** Curb AlertChristmas tree is sitting by the road - Trash man comes around 8am tomorrow morning (Monday).Merry Christmas y'all!!!LOLWUT?I thought the 'Christmas Tree' was somewhat vilified by the fundies as 'taking … [Read more...]

Joseph A. Hales wont tolerate the absconding interlopers on craigslist

Need any welding and repairs? I overheard and intercepted a message saying that this guy is legit.Joseph A. Hales, III is the registered owner of Joe's Welding and Repair, Any and all interlopers, eaves droppers, hackers, crackers, scammers, absconders, or any other persons and /or entities, interfering in the communications consisting of computer email, telephone, and/or data, and U.S. Postal mail. that are the sole property of Joseph A. Hales, III doing business as Joe's Welding and Repair, … [Read more...]