‘Free’ evangelical ‘military marriage seminar’ gives soldiers tax headaches

Fort Bragg is about 5 hours driving distance from The Cove, BGEA's training center in Asheville, NC. It seems that they are doing a marriage seminar strictly for military members.I wonder how soon these guys are going to get homosexual Christians in attendance?It's free if you pay for it.It's totally free for all military members. Or is it? Here is the agreement that you have to sign to attend. Notice the part where it says:Please Note: This award could be considered taxable in … [Read more...]

Rock the Fort Chaplain Is From the Moon, Writes Foxhole Atheist A Letter

Almost 45 days after the last-minute restrictions forced us to cancel our first approach, a fresh comment appeared on that announcement awaiting moderation. I was blown away at what I saw. Read the original wall of text in its embarrassing entirety here. **Update: Cleaned up formatting of this post can be found here**This is a letter from a (very recently) retired Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel David Druckenmiller who worked on the controversial Rock the Fort event at Fort Bragg. It's mean and … [Read more...]

Rock Beyond Belief festival sold to Billy Graham, becomes interfaith event

FINAL UPDATE: This was an April Fools joke. I'm sorry that so many of you freaked out at work and yelled at other people for our sake. The crew here had a blast reading the comments here and on Facebook. We really needed a laugh,  thank you very much for providing that for us.Just to clarify: Rock Beyond Belief is still the same, and we are still re-organizing for Fall 2011. We'll see how it goes now that so much public support has been gathered. Without you, we would likely have been swept … [Read more...]